Elegance of Ellora Caves

Elegance of Ellora Caves:

The Unity in diversity,exemplified by Ellora caves,some 1500 yrs back prove a point beyond any doubt,all the Religious Faiths,like Budhists,Hindus,and Jains co-existed ,side by side,without any acrimony!
Caves 1-12 are Budhist Caves..
It is worth admiring the cave no 10,which depicts the Chaitya Hall.The curved roof on top ,the bas relief,shows this is dedicated to Vishwakarma,the patron saint of many Indian artisans even today.
Cave 11,12 known as Teen Thal,is an architectural marvel. A three storied,50 feet high,huge Chaitya Halls,has porches supported by neatly carved out pillars in each story!Each story is a wide hall of 115 x 70 feet size.Huge Budha statues,deeply in meditation,attracts one’s attention!

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Brahminical Excavations Caves 13-29
Excavated between 7th and 9th century AD are a world apart from the Chaitya Halls and Viharas.The imagination of the Hindu faith is well inscribed in stones.The Kailasanath Temple@Cave 16 is a wonder,only one of its kind in the World!One can admire the Hindu Dharma followed by the rulers at that time,in not wounding other Religious Faiths,as otherwise side by side Budhists’ and Jain Master pieces wdn’t have existed for such a long period of Time!

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(Pls see My blog on Kailasanath Temple for Cave 16)

Jain Excavations 30-34..9th-10 th century AD
At the far end of a long 1 KM journey of these caves,one will find these Jain caves.Cave no 30 is a beauty with Pillars and Ceilings plastered with Lotuses and Lord Mahavira.
Cave 32 is also a replica of Kailasanth temple,with an elephant at the entrance,with Lord Mahavira seated on a Lion!It can be described as a Chotta Kailashnath Temple!
One can see in these caves pillars of exquisite workmanship,with Theeerthankaras in the halls.
Elegance of Ellora is to be experienced:

Nearest City:Aurangabad,Maharashtra.


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  1. roamingpursuits says:

    Such beautiful detail to be found in the caves after all these years!


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