Amazing Paintings of Ajantha Caves!

Amazing Paintings of Ajantha Caves!

Famous Painting of Budha

Famous Painting of Budha

Just Imagine..2000 Yrs ago!
Thick forests and Huge mountains!
Budhist Monks excavate them and make huge Chaityas(Prayer Halls)

Ajantha Cave 4

Ajantha Cave 4

In some caves,they display their painting skills..
The cave surfaces wiould be they apply clay and on top Cow Dung!
Rice husks was applied and pressed..making it 2cms thick!
They crush colour stones like Red,yellow earth and Green rocks and mix lamp black and copper get their imagination on this surface!
They have displayed their skills with exclusive nature & birds,on the ceilings !Jatakas Tales like Sipi Chakrabarthy and the Dove and a few incidents from Budha’s life History!
Our ancient Aesthetics still has survived,from 2 BC!

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The beauty of Ajantha is the paintings!
One can enjoy them in 16 Caves and most beautiful of them are,1,2,16,17&19!
Sculptural beauty of Caves 1,4,17,19,24,26 is astonishing..
One shdn’t miss the Anantha Sayanam of Budha in Cave 26..
An architectural master piece!

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Considering the time&the thick forests,I felt like staying there for ever,
admiring our ancestors’Gift of God!

Sathyameva Jayathe!


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