Musings from Madhampatti…

Musings from Madhampatti,Pongalo Pongal,2015!

Pongalo Pongal-2015

Pongalo Pongal-2015

Pongal means Happiness..

The entire Festivity is a Thanks Giving to the Lord Surya,the Sun God,but for whom,the Fields don’t yield any fruits!For centuries,Indians have celeberated their Happiness in various ways..In Tamilnadu,Pongal is a special sweet Rice cooked in Villages and Towns,jointly,with Happiness lit large in every face..

At Madhampatti,Senior Citizens,enjoyed their immense happiness with their staff,whose enthusiasm is difficult to measure in a Scale of all Happiness Index!

God decided to add an additional Idiot to the World some 69 yrs back ,on this Sacred Day,and thats why,my name suddenly became Suryanarayanan,as otherwise my grand father was planning his name for me!

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I get reminded of my birthday by an early morning call,invariably from my sweet daughters and an unforgettable friend,Dr.Mayalagu from Madurai!

(You may like to know about him:Mayalagu)

Shenbagam Senior Citizens Home has made my stay so Happy,that Einstein’s famous statement

“Time is relative;Pleasure makes it Faster;Pain makes it slower!”

Time is flying here!

The special concert by Abhishek Raghuram at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan for Pongal,reminded me of Ranjani,Gayatri..just a year back!

OMG..One year is gone by..Thats real Fast!

Happiness is an ability to enjoy,small little things God has given to us!

Pray to God,that everyone is always Happy,

atleast in Madhampatti!

Abhishek’s Pongal Bonanza:

(Disclaimer:Views expressed here are purely a novice Idiot’s views

and in noway,it shd be viewed in anyother angle!)

Abhisheks Vidwat and swaras have taken him already to the Elite club of Musicians..

this one concert,but,doesn’t go well for a novice like me..

Years back some body made a mistake in Kalyani and Khambodi..Since he was a very big Stalwart in Carnatic Music,he started calling it Sruthi Bhedham!

Abhishek exceeded the Sruthi Bhedham with a “Kalkeerai!”..

A truncated Kalyani and a mutilated Keeravani!

Vidwat apart,TMKrishnas and Abhisheks must stop “Sabashes” and concentrate on keeping their fair name,very Fair as  always!


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