Kumarakom..an experience on the Kettuvallam!

Vembanad Lake



Vembanad wetlands is one of the largest of its kind in Asia.It has become one of the major Tourist attractions,with Tourists thronging to stay afloat the Kettuvallam for a day or two.
Many beautiful resorts around the lake make the stay for Tourists,an unforgettable Experience!Coconut Lagoon,is a special resort,where Tourists are received only by boats in their own Reception area..
We stayed right on the Vembanad Lake near Kumarakom,in a nice resort ,Backwater Breeze,designed for a budget traveller,with all facilities!

Backwater Breeze,Kumarakom,Vembunad Lake

Backwater Breeze,Kumarakom,Vembunad Lake

Cruising the lake on a Kettuvallam,is a once in a lifetime experience!

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One cannot miss the famous Arundhati Roy’s ‘God of Small Things ‘fame from the tiny village Aymanam,near by!

A beautiful Bird Sanctuary with varieties of birds like Kingfishers,egrets,ibis,cormorants ,cranes cannot be missed..
A unique characteristic of the lake is the long Thanneermukkom Salt water barrier, to prevent tidal action and intrusion of salt water into the Kuttanad low-lands. It is the largest mud regulator in India and essentially divides the lake into two parts – one with perennial brackish water and the other with fresh water from rivers draining into the lake. This barrier has helped farmers in Kuttanad by freeing the area of salinity and allowing them an additional crop in the dry season.
The Thanneermukkom barrier is located at one of the narrower parts of the Vembanad Lake. Only two-thirds of the original number of gates are opened in July to release flood flow. These gates remain closed until mid-November. The main drawback of the structure has been the loss of opportunity for fish and prawns to migrate upstream, and also an increase in weed growth in the upstream, severely restricting the natural flushing of pollutants. The Thanneermukkom bund has also created ecological problems, primarily, the rampant propagation of the Water Hyacinth fresh water.


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