Southern Most Tip of India-Cape Comerin!

Cape Comerin aka

Sunrise@Cape Comerin

Sunrise@Cape Comerin

Kanyakumari is not only the Southern most Tip of India,but also,

the last tip of Living Land on Earth,just above Antartica!Kanyakumari is a

Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Young Hindu Goddess,whose age old temple,

attributed to the Vijayanagara Architecture,is a Beauty to be seen!

Swami Vivekananda visited this town in 1892 and chose to go to a small Rock on the seas,

infront of the Temple,and remained in Meditation for a few weeks!

Ramakrishna Mutt has done an excellent job in creating a memorial for Him

on this Rock and Travellers are taken by a Boat to this well maintained Rock Memorial!

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A journey that will also take one to the 55 Feet architectural wonder,

The Statue of Thiruvalluvar,built by Sri Ganapathy Sthapathi!

One can see all the 1330 couplets of Thiruvalluvar,called Thirukural,

are inscribed on the way upto this great Statue,built afew years ago!

Gandhi Mandapam is another spot,where,Mahatma’s ashes are kept and the ceiling

has a small hole to allow Sunlight on the Ashes,exactly on Oct 2nd!

Visit to Cape Comerin is not complete without Viewing Sunrise and Sunset

on the Sangamam of Three Seas!

We stayed in a Highrise Hotel,Trisea,wherefrom,we cd see the Sunrise

without a need to go to the beach with a Tooth Brush on hand!

Sunset is visible from a nice Tower built by the Govt for Gen public on the beach

and one shd be there on time to take a standing Space,as its always crowded!

Tho’ it is my 3rd visit,every visit to this place,brings so much energy into me,

just to think of that Great Saint of the 19th Century,who made India known to the World,

thanks to Rajah of Ramnad,Bhaskara Sethupathi,a place I proudly belong to!


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