Golden Temple of Kushal Nagar,Coorg.

Golden Temple of Kushal Nagar,Coorg.GT35

Kushal Nagar is on the Cauvery River near Mercara,which derives its name from Hyder Ali,who was camping here when he was so kushi to receive the news of his son born Tippu!

Cauvery@Kushal Nagar,Coorg

Cauvery@Kushal Nagar,Coorg

When Chinese invaded Tibet ,India gave assylum to those Tibetan settlers.The main lama at Namdroling is Penor Rinpoche, a simple, humble and good-natured fellow who arrived in Bylakuppe in the 1960s with 2 cents in his pocket. The place has become a peaceful Paradise since!

The Main Temple
The inner shrine of the Namdroling monastery is a blend of Tibetan artistic Genius

and Bylekuppe’s craftsmanship!

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Namdroling is the home of the famous Golden Temple, completed in 2000. It is an interesting blend of contemporary and traditional architectural styles.

The inner shrine of the Namdroling monastery will leave you speechless.There are three beautiful Gold plated Statues with Budha at the centre.

Of the three statues , the statue of lord Buddha is 60 ft tall while the other two statues of Guru padmasambhava and Buddha Amitayus are each 58 feet tall. these are made of copper and plated with gold.
Guru Padmasambhava, is the Indian pandit who took the Vajrayana teachings to Tibet 1200 years ago, before Indian Buddhism was destroyed by invaders.The sense of scale , colour and Tibetan temple music completely mesmerises the atmosphere!

The Namdroling Monastery
This monastery in Bylekuppe showcases the wonderful Tibetan culture.Tibetan settlers who fled Tibet due to persecution were granted this area by the Govt of India ,a vast area in Kushalnagar to continue with their culture and lifestyle . The Namdroling monastery is the centrepiece of the massive settlement .You will get to move around in the monastery and interact with the inmates .It is a memorable journey in one’s life time!


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