Easter with Giraffes,Elands& Zebras!



View from Our Lodge,Shangololo,12,Waterburg

View from Our Lodge,Shangololo,12,Waterburg

My younger daughter and Son inlaw have a knack of surprising us,everytime we visit them at Jbrg,South Africa.

Yet to recover from our jetlags,with both our suitcases missing from South African Airlines,they drove us away from Jbrg in a faraway Zebula Exclusive Resorts,amidst Giraffes,Elands,Antelopes and Zebras!

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The exclusive Bungalow at Waterburg inside was an experience,once in a lifetime!

With so many adventurous activities around for kids,we had such a great time..that we didn’t even think about our missing Baggages!Pictures can describe this place better than mere Words!

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One Response to Easter with Giraffes,Elands& Zebras!

  1. A.V.Venkatesh says:

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse of South Africa free of cost.


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