Magnificance of Mercara!

Cauvery@Kushal Nagar,Coorg

Cauvery@Kushal Nagar,Coorg

Mercara,aka,Madikeri is the Hilltop for many Coffee Estates,like TATA and Nescafe.

The Kodagus on the North and the Gangas have a History of being ruled by many including the Cholas,till Hoysalas and Vijayanagara empire took over the place.Tippu Sultan also ruled this place.

The Fort@Madikeri is said to have been built in 1622 by one Mudhuraja.There is a palace inside,converted as Govt offices now.

There is a Church,converted as a Museum,which has some rare architectural marvels unearthed from this area!

One shdn’t miss the Gen.Cariappa Museum too.Gen.Cariappa’s Statue welcomes us at the main entrance of Madikeri.

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Me and my daughter stayed in Cosmo Club,Madikeri,which is just next to the Fort and our pics can describe the ambience and the special Kodagu Hospitality!

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A great place to be in indeed!


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