Sankara Jayanthi@ Melrose Temple,Jbrg.

Sankara Jayanthi,23 rd April,2015



My journeys to Sacred Temples on Sankara Jayanthi Day,have taken me to 10 Jyotir Lingams,(Parli and Kedaranath remaining),many ancient temples like Brahadeeswarar to Bhimashankar.
Last year I visited Mookambikai and took an arduous journey to Kudajatri Hills,where Sankara did Tapas and consecrated the Original Mookambikai.

This year,being in Jbrg,I was blessed by Sankara Himself,in the form of my grandson named Sankara

,to visit a unique 125 yrs old Murugar Temple@ Melrose,Jbrg.

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True Bakthi is self Realisation acc to Sankara.
One need not even do an elaborate puja,as He explains in Sivamanasa Puja..
“Rathanaiki kalptham,aasanam,Himachalai snanamsa Divyambaram,
Nanarathna Mrithangitham modhangitham Santhanam”
“You can imagine to have had a Ganga Snanam..
One need not go there..You can imagine to have
Adorned the Lord with Jewelled Aasanam etc.,!”

Till yesterday evening I didn’t even think about any temple.
This morning too I did my usual manasa puja.
Then casually asked my daughter who willingly took me to this 125 yr old Temple just 4 KM from our house.

The unique thing is,when we left the house,my elder Grandson took an Orange in his hand and placed it in front of the Vinayakar,all by his own voluntary action,which stunned everyone of us.
My second Grandson named Sankara visited the Temple for the First Time!
I felt that for a True Baktha,
He is there to guide you to Moksha!

Arasa maram

Arasa maram

We saw an Arasamaram in the Temple and it was a great feeling:
Ficus religiosa or sacred fig is a Tree,native to India,Nepal.It belongs to the fig or mulberry family. It is also known as the Bo-Tree (from the bodhi in Sanskrit: “wisdom” or Peepal .


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  1. D Ramasundaram says:

    Thanks for sharing holy news.


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