The aftermath of an Earthquake..

It is a tragedy that many lives are lost in Nepal Earthquake.

The tremors felt from far away Bihar,Bengal and Chennai,

can explain the fury of the Gods.

The rebuilding of a devastated earthquaked area is indeed a nightmarish experience for the Administrators.

Here I wd like to recall the BBC review of Bhuj area,after 10 yrs after that place has been hit by a very severe earthquake,killing nearly 5000 lives and making several villages disappear from the Kutch Map.

Many including World Bank visited the remarkable rebuilding of this area in a short span of 10 yrs and I visited Bhuj  in 2010 to see for myself what CM Modi has done!

One can see the BBC report to understand the great single minded devotion with which Modi had reesatablished that area as a tourist attractive,Mundra port too..

In India,we don’t have ability to appreciate good things.

Water is the backbone of Humanlife.

See what Modi has done in the most desert areas of Gujarath!

When a good work is done by anyone,

lets first accept the Truth

and admire the good work!

Sabarmathi River Front today,is compared with Victoria Harbour of Hongkong.

This is where Modi as PM received the Chinese President,

last year!

Patriotic Indians must ask themselves,

Do you believe in True Selfless Administrators

Or Jokers whose Patriotism is mortgaged to their Swiss Acct?

Sathyameva Jayathe!


About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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