A Day with Cows,Swans and Birds of Jbrg!

A Day with Cows,Swans and Birds of Jbrg!

Haa Dii Daaa Ibiss

Haa Dii Daaa Ibiss

Ha Di Da is a common Ibis anywhere can be spotted in Johannesburg.Their unique way of shrilling “Haaaa Diiiiii Daaaaa” has got them this unique name!An Ibis clan,they walk along in every parks of Johannesburg,with their friends like Pigeons,Mynas and Ducks.
It is indeed a nice way to wander around ,admiring these birds of the Many green Parks of Parktown North of Jbrg!

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Another thrilling way to spend a Holiday with kids,is a drive into Irene Dairy Farm,near Pretoria in Centurion.I was stunned to see huge Cows,capable of Giving 60 Ltrs a Day.The tourist friendly Barn Restaurant is always crowded!

Irene Dairy Farm.

Irene Dairy Farm.

Irene Dairy Farm,Centurion.
Irene Dairy Farm is a picturesque gem that nestles between the sprawling cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg. A visit to this old-style, storybook dairy farm is a must. Started in 1895, the Irene Dairy Farm has been run the whole time by the van der Byl family who are now on to five generations and has become an iconic landmark in the Gauteng countryside.

The Dairy Shop sells certified raw milk (one of the last places to do so) that is produced right there on the Irene Farm. The old gallon buckets of fresh farm milk are a sight unique to Irene. The Shop also has a wide range of cheeses, cakes, rusks and other fresh fare, including a favourite of the locals who frequent the shop is the Irene Dairy’s unique and luxurious thick cream which can’t be found anywhere else and is a must for scones with afternoon tea.

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Moving through the farmyard, visitors should stop by the Deck or the Barn Restaurants, both of which serve a wide variety of freshly-made breakfast and lunch options. The Barn Restaurant, which retains so much authentic ambience, because it is situated in one of the original farm barns, also serves sumptuous breakfast and lunch buffets every weekend.

In addition, the Barn boasts a 100-seat conference and function venue, perfect for weddings, year-end functions and staff parties. Functions at the Irene Farm Conference Centre are a continuous affair.

Be careful when you go for Toilets.The signs may force you think a bit..They are ‘Cows’ and ‘Bulls’!

Do you know that Cows always stand either facing North or the south,even while Grassing?Test this whenever you come across a Cow!I didn’t know this till I saw a documentary on Cows in Discovery Science?


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