42 nd Wedding Anniversary Musings..

We pray to God to give us Happiness!

God listens to us and He knows when to reward!

Looking back,my prayers to Him to give me Sarasa as wife,

He analysed all aspects and decided to say OK!

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From that time onwards,

my Faith in Him increased a little bit more!

After a few years I told Him,give me an intelligent Kid..

After looking at my poor Financial predicaments,

gave such an Intelligent Daughter,that she got Full Scholarship from Princeton for U.G..

(Butterscotch..her pet@NJ)

I complained to Him,

“Look if the First goes to Princeton and I have to send the second one to Basheer Ahmed College,

with Zoology major,there will be a lifelong problem in the house!”

He was so considerate.

The Second one went to Harvard for UG

with Full Scholarship!

My sweet Daughters:

For 42 yrs since my marriage,He has been responding to my

reasonable requests!

I thanked Him “You are really nice to me.Thank God!”

He replied,”I am nice to your wife,you bloody Idiot!”

He said..

I have also decided to continue with this Wife,

who is Lucky!

Sarasa with the cubs

Sarasa with the cubs

My daughter’s Garden in Jbrg:


About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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7 Responses to 42 nd Wedding Anniversary Musings..

  1. A.V.Venkatesh says:

    Dear Suri
    Many happy returns of the day. What a coincidence that our wedding anniversary was also on the 27th and it was our 50th. We shared our happiness with the Shenbhagamites by distributing Jelabis. May God continue to bless you, your wife, your daughters and their families.


  2. Usha Subramanian says:

    Happy anniversary and wish you both many more to come


  3. Anonymous says:

    Happy Wedding anniversary, and many many more years of celebration. If it was on 27 May, mine too was – and also the 42nd wedding anniversary. I attempted a piece on 40 years of my married life in my blog, just in case it interests you: vvsundaram.blogspot.in


  4. You are a lucky man! may God continue to shower his Kindness on you and yours!


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