Lilliesleaf,where Mandela starts the Armed Struggle!


At Lillies Leaf Backyards,Mandela Room

At Lillies Leaf Backyards,Mandela Room

Where Mandela and his close associates in Umkhonto we Sizwe(MK)which started believing in armed struggle to liberate the South Africans from the Aparthied regime in 60s,lived clandestinely as Servants for the White Family Goldreich in his backyards and planned many armed struggle.
It is a unique place in the History of South Africa in their struggle for Independence.
The villa was bought by ANC in a fictitious name with the help of Russia and Goldreich Family were living as owners,employing Mandela and others as servants.

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Between 61-63 they were able to create a great awareness of unity amidst all black South Africans thro’ printed materials and subtarranean movements and effective sabotage from here.
One can see in Room 12,Mandela’s Room,touching letters from Kids.
Mandela had assumed a name as David Motsamayi,one of his client’s name and lived in annonimity!
Atlast in 1963,the Police came to know of this farm and raided and arrested Mandela and all others.Goldreich and others escaped from prison,with the help of a white Cop but Mandela was destined to spend 27 long years in prison in Jbrg and then moved toRobben Island..a Great Man’s Longwalk to Freedom!

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What I admire is the way they have maintained this place with Tourists friendly Audio and Video Systems.


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2 Responses to Lilliesleaf,where Mandela starts the Armed Struggle!

  1. Shankar says:

    A great leader who got inspired by our Mahatma Gandhi. Rmd Shankar


  2. D Ramasundaram says:

    Good to know the famous leader in his country.


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