Red Muffed Lemurs of Bird Gardens,Jbrg




Red Muffed Lemur

Red Muffed Lemur

Bird Gardens of Jbrg is in the Montecarlo Casino Premises!

Probably you can fly like an Eagle after a Jackpot!

Just like well organised Bird Gardens of Singapore or Kualalumpur,

I spotted some rare Red Muffed Lemurs here!

Lemurs are rare species,found only in Madagascar.

Red Muffed are rarer still!

Here,I found,Parakeets and Cuckatoos more friendly.

It is better to watch these birds than my describing about their well being!

Red-Ruffed Lemur

Red-ruffed Lemurs, live on the “Lemur Island”. Lemurs are unable to swim, and if they got into the water, would simply sink. Lemurs are very clean animals and spend a lot of time grooming themselves and each other.

Red Muffed Lemur

Red Muffed Lemur

The lower incisors (front teeth) and the claw on the second toe of the hind foot are specially adapted for this behaviour. The lower incisors grow forward in line with each other and are slightly spaced. This creates a “tooth comb” which can be used to groom their long, soft fur. The claw is also used for grooming.


Blue Storks

Blue Storks

Blue Storks..National Bird of South Africa.

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Parakeets are beautiful,talkative,friendly,wherever!

Cuckatoos At Bird Gardens

Cuckatoos At Bird Gardens

Cuckatoos stroll in pair,casually!


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