Mandela@Union Buildings,Pretoria

Mandela’s 28 feet Tall Statue@Union Buildings,Pretoria.

At Mandela Statue@Union Buildings

At Mandela Statue@Union Buildings

One must not miss an opportunity to take a Photo shoot near the 28 feet tall,Mandela Statue,in the Union Buildings Gardens,wherefrom he gave the Freedom Speech in May 1994.
The Union Buildings is a semicircular Sandstone architecture,made in 1910.
I was impressed with the photographers’ ability to give you a memorable picture by the side of Mandela,within a minute..a mini printer on their hands!

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I normally love to spend time with some dedicated painters from Basilica of Sacre Coer,Paris to Siem Reap.I saw Sanusi sincerely painting Mandela in different poses.When I bargained for this painting,I made out from his slang that he is an Ijebu from Nigeria.He was so stunned to know I was in Ijebuode ,he gave me a 50% Discount..I love the way he has painted Mandela!

Painting by Sanusi.O.

Painting by Sanusi.O.

Kruger Museum House..

Kruger House,Pretoria

Kruger House,Pretoria

The Kruger Museum,Pretoria is the Residence of the Afrikanese President Kruger between 1889 to 1900.The Museum consists of the Original House,in which S.J.P.Kruger and his family lived during the last years of the 19th century,and two halls,where exhibits of honour given to the Boers,including tributes,addresses,pictures,medals etc., from various countries like Germany,Belgium,France,Ireland,USA etal are displayed.
The State Railway coach used by him and the Horse driven Chariot are in display too!Its nicely arranged taking us back to that time,with a Telephone used by him!

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