Musings from Madhampatty


Musings from Madhampatty..July 15
Across our Karadimadai mountains,is Palghat..The rains on that side bring nice breeze and showers here..a great time to write stories,stroll on the Karadimadai Road,observe the Lorries starting their illegal activities of carrying stones from the Quarry after sunset..engage in a dialogue at Kadiri Mills Staff from Orissa..their life style in Tamilnadu..take some pictures and admire as if you have done something great..(nowadays the phones are so good,you need only to click..!)

I observe people with interest and engage in discussion for I believe there is always something I gain by such dialogues!

My travel to Chennai by Shatabdi last week gave me an amazing experience which I wd like to share with you..
Today’s youth are more informed,more uptodate and some of them are so modest that their real worth is invisible to our naked eyes..
When I boarded the Shatabdi,they have given me an upper birth due to lack of enough AC Chair Cars and I started continuing my book”I am Malala”..
I saw two young ,newly married couple below,deeply engaged in a discussion that I cdn’t resist overhearing!A Honeymoon trip to Ooty and on their return,they were analysing the Unique Ramakrishna Mutt at Fern Hills..!Their discussions about Swami Vivekananda was interrupted by a call,probably from another Swamiji’s devotee,to whom they promised to keep lunch ready..That devotee,their friend joined them at Thiruppur!
Since I hail from Ramnad and since Swamiji had a special love for my place,having landed at Ramnad(Pamban) on His return from Chicago,after that epoch making speech,as a mark of respect and gratitude to Bhaskara Sethupathi,I came down from my berth and started my conversation with them!
I learnt that these youngsters have not only visited Ramnad and travelled to all the places where Swamiji had stayed,but were able to recollect every word of Swamiji from His “Lectures from Colombo to Amora!”
I learnt that this boy is working in a famous Scooter Manufacturing factory and had spent a few years in China too!He ,being in charge of Quality control,was all in praise of the Chinese innovation and speed of Production..He felt our Indian Industry will take years to match the Chinese,tho’ his ambition is to see that we are more self sufficient!
His wife is working in TCS!
My discussions with them was so interesting and useful,I didn’t notice that we were already in Chennai Central!
I felt proud that today’s youth are much more focussed and firmly believe in themselves!


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