Abdul Kalam,humility personified!

Abdul Kalam has brought my native place Ramnad

so much Respect in the World map,I feel so sad to hear about his demise..

Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam

Despite his positions,he spared a few minutes for me too,to discuss about his Math’s Teacher,Mr.Ramakrishna Aiyer,and my father,Mr.M.Rajah Iyer.

Abdul Kalam’s guide in early days,was one Mr.Manikkamwho was my father’s old student from Rameswaram.Abdul Kalam  has  paid rich tributes to both Manikkam and Ramakrishna Aiyer in his “agni sirakukal”

I wrote about their connection some years back in my blog column,which I reproduce here…


I recall the day when I saw this mention of Ramakrishna Iyer in ‘அக்னிசிரகுகள்’ I wrote to the President Kalam that I wd like to come n get his autograph!

Exactly after 2 days I got a call from President’s Secretary :

‘Sir President feels you need not come all the way to Delhi. President will be in Chennai on such n such dt n wd see you @Raj Bhavan! ”

On that day when I was ready, Secretary reminded me ‘President will meet you at 9″

I was pleasantly surprised when President in all humility shook hands with me and said : ”  I know your father. As I have mentioned I owe my growth to Ramakrishna Iyer and Manikkam! You must be really proud of a great Teacher! Where is the book? ”

He autographed it n gave it!

That’s real definition of Humility!

Very proud I  belong to that Punya Bhoomi!

May his Soul Rest in Peace!


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An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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