Never an Indian got such a Unified send off as Dr.Abdul Kalam

The Flag at White House@Half Mast!

Flag Halfmast@White House

Flag Halfmast@White House

Google expressed its Condolence like this:

Black Border Google

Black Border Google

I was pleasantly surprised banners like this every where,even near Madhampatty!

Abdul Kalam Posters@Madhampatty

Abdul Kalam Posters@Madhampatty

Thats because,Dr.Abdul Kalam has touched every Indian’s heart beyond even an iota of doubt..

I have never seen such a spontaneous unitedness in India for a

single Indian..a real Gem!

Its because of his natural ability to be himself,a conviction that

all are equally great!A Saintly outlook beyond imagination!

I saw in him,tho’ the President of India,a great enthusiasm even to meet me&talk about his Maths Teacher!

I was so happy when he became the President of India,as he hails from my place Ramnad,where he got his schooling in Schwartz High School!

When he released his first book “Agni Sirakukal”I bought it and was pleasantly surprised to read about his Math’s Teacher,Ramakrishna Aiyer,who happens to be our close family friend(pls ssee the blog on him)

Abdul Kalam’s Maths Teacher

I wrote to him,expressing a desire to meet him and get this Agni Sirakukal autographed.

Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam

Promptly I got a call from President’s office:

‘Sir,President says you don’t have to come all the way to Delhi..He will be in Chennai on such and such date and wd be happy to neet you at..’

On that day,I was getting ready to go the Raj Bhavan when I got a call from his secretary,

the President is expecting you at ..this time!

I was so happy when I met him:

“I know your father Mr.Rajah Iyer very well.The entire Ramnad district benefitted because of such a great Educationist.My mentor,Manikkam,who is your father’s student talks volumes about him.”

“ nice of you Sir”

I cdn’t control my emotions..

“You must be really proud of your father.Ramakrishna Aiyer was my Math’s Teacher in Schwartz.But for such great Teachers,I wdn’t have become some one like this!”

“Thank you very much Sir!”

“Where is the Book?”

He got it and autographed it immediately!

I cannot imagine any other President of India cd be more so easily approachable!

I feel India is so proud to have produced a great Gem,

incomparable,and he happens to hail from my Town!

Sathyameva Jayathe!


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2 Responses to Never an Indian got such a Unified send off as Dr.Abdul Kalam

  1. Prabhu says:

    I doubt it’s true abt the us flag for Apj Abdul Kalam.

    This is official govt site for half flag and it was “Obama orders White House flag to half-staff for Chattanooga victims ( 21st July to 25th July ). It doesn’t mention abt Indian president.

    I’ll be happy if what I found is wrong .

    Obama orders White House flag to half-staff for Chattanooga victims


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