Ramnad wherefrom Abdul Kalam got his schooling..

Ramnad,shortened form of Ramanathapuram,just 35 kM from Rameswaram,

is put on the World Map today,by a great Karma Yogi,Dr.Abdul Kalam..

Train thro Pamban Bridge

Train thro Pamban Bridge

Ramnad has always been famous for Devipattinam aka Navapashanam and Thirupullani,as every pilgrim to Rameswaram is expected to take dips here,before they proceed to Rameswaram.

The Sethupathis who ruled this part of India are so pious and Dharmic,they built this huge temple@Rameswaram,which boasts of the longest corridor of 687 feet with intricate carvings in hard stone,in an island inside the sea..How they transported these stones is an archeologists mystery!

Bhaskara Sethupathy was instrumental in sending Swami Vivekananda to the World Religious conference in 1893 and Swamiji Himself mentions His gratitude for this gesture by landing in Pamban,on His return,instead of going to Calcutta or Bombay!

My Father's last Photo in a function in Ramnad

My Father’s last Photo in a function in Ramnad

Rajah’s High School and Schwartz High School(wherefrom Dr.Abdul Kalam got his schooling)were the only two schools for Higher education from Rameswaram to Paramakudi,in those days..My father,Mr.M.Rajah Iyer was the HM for Rajah’s High School for 42 yrears and almost every muslim from Keelakkarai,Devipattinam,Yervadi,would have been my father’s old student..many of them in the Middle East!

It was in 1992 when I took up an assignment in Al Buraimi,Oman as a CEO of a Co.,

On Fridays,a set of cleaners used to come for house cleaning.When they were talking in Tamil I asked them:”Where are you from?”

The Supervisor said :”Keelakarai.”

I asked them:”which school?”

He said ‘Ramnad,Rajah’s High School!’

When I mentioned my father’s name,he literally fell on my feet.Brought his boss too with lots of costly gifts..

The power of a Teacher..He lives even when he is no more..

Can’t forget this great punya bhoomi!

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5 Responses to Ramnad wherefrom Abdul Kalam got his schooling..

  1. R.Balasubramanian(Sivaganga) says:

    Always Memorable.🙏🙏🙏


  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks Suri for the info which reminds me of my old days with Rajah’s


  3. K.NATARAJAN says:

    Nice reading and great information. Nats.


  4. Shutterbug Iyer says:

    Very touching, Suri.


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