Concubines of the Maharajahs..

Indian Maharajahs and Princes lived a lavish life style..

The Britishers added to their taste ,so that they could successfully  divide the country and rule to their advantage..

They succeeded and when they left India,not only India became a pauper,they left the divided Indians intact in the hands of a joker PM,who continued the divide n rule policy,in the name of Secularism!

After a successful 67 years of looting by these Jokers,Idiotic Indians are still believing today,that a mesmerising Italian Joker can give them redemption!

Rahul Gandhi Cartoon

Rahul Gandhi Cartoon

Indians suffer because they believe everyone else,but not themselves..

If you wish to read about the Concubines of the Maharajahs,pls read my blog:

Concubines of the Maharajahs


Atleast now one must become a bit more intelligent enough not to Trust a Roadside Italian,preaching prosperity for us some time,when they are given any power!

Beware..Trust an Indian,whoever it is..

Whichever party he might belong to.

Sathyameva Jayathe!


About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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