The Journey of a Genius,Ramanujan.

A Genius called Ramanujan..

I was reading the biography of Genius Ramanujan,again,in Tamil..
Cannot believe such a man existed..God’s creation beyond imagination..
As a 10th standard boy in Kumbakonam,he cannot digest ‘ him’ getting only the IInd highest marks,next to his close friend Sarangapani..He refuses to take food..He was missing for two days..They find him lying in Sarangapani Temple,scribbling everywhere on the floor..

(See Ramanujan Square@15 Yrs)

His passion for Maths starts from here..
He is a failure in all other subjects..
I don’t know how to thank the Southern Mathematical Associatio Secretary,Narayana Iyer or Mr.Rao as they help this Genius to have a handful of food in Madras,after finding out the great Genius in him!
His journey as ‘not even a Graduate ‘to Trinity college Fellowship is to be read to be believed..
I cried when Ramanujan goes to London Railway Station and lies down on the Tracks to kill himself..Luck wd have it..the Train cdn’t move due to a Jam in one of the doors,automatically shutting down the Train.The Linesman finds Ramanujan on the Tracks..A Genius saved!
His Close Friend Hardy says “I didn’t know he has so much personal problems like his mother not treating his young wife Janaki well..!”(Pls read my earlier Blog)

Ramanujan,a Wizard of Maths
The journey is amazing if we look at this Ramanujan’s Magical Maths Square he made when he was just 15..
I also was wondering whether in Independent India such a Genius from Kumbakonam would have been helped by the CMs of our Time?The local karai veshtis would have not even noticed him,as he cannot get any votes..
I salute the Britishers for having saved a Gem for the benefits of the Society at Large!
Sathyameva Jayathe!


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