Musings From Madhampatty -Aug 2015

Musings From Madhampatty -Aug 15

Gowri's Wedding

Gowri’s Wedding

My father has been the greatest inspiration all my life..
He used to advise me “to observe everyone you come across in will learn a thing or Two,which will help you in your life..”

Just travelling to Kumbakonam for my brother’s daughter,Gowri’s Wedding brought me face to face with an Auto Driver..Mohan,an Iyengar in Kumbakonam..I was surprised to know he is a Sironmani and rides Auto for a Living..but stickler to Rules,even on Rates..

Mohan Vedic Scholar

Mohan Vedic Scholar

Enjoyed his company immensely!

Invariably I dont need any alarm to get up on time,as my innermind and irremovable Anxiety wakes me up much before the Alarm Bell!
Kumbakonam is supposed to arrive @5:55 AM.. I got up at 4:20 counting all the stops from Mayiladuthurai,Vaitheeswaran Koil to Kuttalam…enjoyable an early morning experience but much more Happiness when I made it on Time for Gowri’s Wedding!

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Madhampatty has been extremely active for a while from Flag Hoisting on Independence Day to the Onam Festival,which brings the Happiness of all on an attractive Sadhya,served on a Vazha Ilai !
There is some innate Happiness in everyone of us,when we are able to enjoy the small little things in life..!

I observed in Venkatramana Restaurant in KMU..this daily sketch on the Menu Board..Then I saw a special write up in the Hindu,about this Restaurant’s innovative sketches for years…Many of us wdn’t have noticed this,especially when we are in a hurry to have an Iddli..

Venkatramana Hotel

Venkatramana Hotel

Rayas Hotel

Rayas Hotel

For me Mohans and sketches of Venkaramana Restaurant bring a unique Happiness and quench my hunger..And sharing these things , for posterity’s sake,create an appetite to write again..

Musings from Madhampatty..

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Till then..God Bless us All!


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5 Responses to Musings From Madhampatty -Aug 2015

  1. Very good post.Feel like visiting Madhampatti


  2. Wonderful post. Enjoyed reading this!! -KS


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