Jeeves and Neelakanta Sastri..

Jeeves and Neelakanta Sastri…

“Hi..Jeeves..arrange for the Beer Garden Party exactly at 6:30 PM?”
There was no immediate response from Sastri’s intelligent Valet,Jeeves..
“Hi…Jeeves are you listening?”
‘Yes Sir..I heard your unsuppressable High Command but for my simple mind to analyse the Consequences of Arranging a Beer Party in Highness’ Terrace Garden appeared to be an illusion?’
“Why it is an illusion on a beautiful Aavani Month,with mountains all around,with occasional showers to soothen our Mercurial membranes..I just cannot understand your strange behaviour ,Today,Jeeves?”
‘Sir..with due Respect to your sincere Beer Gulping Programmes,especially in this sublime atmosphere of Yorkshire and Manchester married together in this Wonderstruck Village Atmosphere of Madhampatty,I am still a bit confused about your Highness’ High Command for a Beer Party?May be a set of your Highness ‘ ever youthful friends of Mettupalayam are expected..?Should I presume I should add or subtract a few Garden Chairs to meet with the available stock of Kingfisher?’wpid-img_20150723_172315.jpg
“As I already warned you Jeeves,your expectations of my unwanted Friends from Mettupalayam are unwarranted.Understand I am the only one who is going to sit in the Garden and enjoy all the available stock at the appointed Time…Period..Don’t test my Patience!”

‘ that case,pardon me for my Rightful arrogance as a very sincere Chaprasi of your Highness…Your Highness is suffering from some sort of Alzheimers  Disease  Sir…’
Before Jeeves could complete the sentence Hell broke up in Sastri’s Villa..After a few broken Beer Glasses,the Atmosphere appeared to have returned to Normalcy,when Sastri’s dharmapathini,interfered,with an interesting Question..
‘ஏன்டா,jeeves ,ஏன்டா இப்படி
எல்லாத்தையும் போட்டு ஒடைக்கிரே?’

(Jeeves,why are you Breaking all theGlasses?)
‘Your Majesty,I didn’t break anything at all!’wpid-img_20150726_112358.jpg

After understanding the situation,when Sastri goes high even with a single beer,his dharmapathini,questioned Sastri’s Wisdom to have a beer on an Anusham Day!(On Anusham Days,Satri doesn’t Get Drunk)
Sastri soon realised his mistake and profusedly appologised to Jeeves..

“Jeeves I really admire your unimaginable Memory and Amazing  Wisdom..You have indirectly cautioned me that Today is a Dry Day..may be I should check with a Doctor..I may be afflicted with Alzheimers !”
Sastri then decided to read Upadesa Sahasri ,instead in the Garden!
There was a noticeable silence when Sastri,broke the silence,
“Hi…Jeeves You didn’t tell me about your Masani Amman Visit Yesterday?”
‘Sir,it was a wonderful trip to Ukkadam in 35c and what happened in the Bus stand is an Event etched in my memory,irreplaceble,till I attain Moksha ?’
“What is so great about Ukkadam Bus stand?”
‘Sir,the Ukkadam Bus Stand,stands there still ,unaffected by the methodical inflow and outflow of millions of Passengers!But the crowd for that single Bus to Masani Amman Temple was literally occupied by approximately 2.8 persons for every seat!’
“ mean to say you missed the Bus?”
‘No Sir..our driver Damodarasamy told me the otherday the unimaginable miracle power of Masani Amman,which I saw in my own eyes Today!’
“What happened,Jeeves?”
‘Sir..due to bursting crowd,I really didn’t kow what to do!I prayed to Masani Amman,as Damodarasamy taught me:
‘Oh Masani Ammane!If you think I deserve some help,help me Please!’Then suddenly the miracle happened.There were 3 additional special buses for the Temple,with a banner

‘Ammavin Sirappu Buses for Masani Amman!’..tho’ I didn’t understand what those statements meant..I just wrote them down !’
There was a roar of Laughter from Sastri as well his wife..They explained ,that ,”being a special Friday,many devotees of Amma,were probably going for a Nerthikatan to Masani Amman!”
“Yes Sir..they were all in Saffron Dress and they were walking bare foot on those Fire Pits..Just unimaginable how their feet didn’t get burnt!’
“Did they not request you also to walk on Firepits?”
‘Yes Sir..but I said ‘my soles are made of Yorkshire softness and I am afraid that I might collapse inside the pits!’They helped me to wear an invisible padding,thick enough to withstand any Fire anywhere and they all cheered,when I completed the Firewalks !’
Laughter again..
“ might have become a Hero?”
‘Literally Sir..many took pictures with me.One Cameraman interviewed me,along with a few Ladies and Gentlemen,wearing,huge Portraits of Amma on their Foreheads!’
Again Laughter!
“It looks like some Ministers were there with you?”
‘Yes Sir.They said so.They even said,my interview will be on TV this evening..!’
Again Laughter!..madhampatti village

There was a sudden downpour in Madhampatty..
Lightning lashed Sastri’s villa,when he suddenly woke up!
He asked his Dharmapathni:

“ஏண்டி,மசானி அம்மனுக்கு எதுவும் ,
வேண்டின்டிரிக்கியோ ?”

(Have you prayed to Masani Amman that you will visit Her?’)

‘உங்களுக்கு வர வர,எதுவுமே ,நினைவிலே

நிக்க மாட்டேன்கறது ..நானும் ஒரு வர்ஷமா,

கத்தின்டிருக்கேன்..மாசாணி அம்மனை போய்
தரிசனம் பண்ணைம்னுட்டு ..காதிலே
கேட்டாதானே ?’

(I have been telling you we should go to Masani Amman for a year now..You haven’t even noticed it!)

Sastri decided that trip to Masani Amman is over due..
He also thanked Jeeves for reminding him about this visit!


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