Musings from Madhampatty – Sept 15

Musings From Madhampatty -Sept 15

Beauty of Banana Gardens

Beauty of Banana Gardens

I The rains failed us a bit,otherwise,September,is always a “Come September!”…
The Turmeric Fields,the straight Tall Betel Nut Trees and the Banana Leaves of the Thondamuthur Belt,with the backdrop of the Westernghats,is a beauty to be experienced,especially in the occasional Elephant,they say gives a bigger Thrill,that Life is sometimes worth looking out for..

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II The Vinayakar Puja at our Shenbagam Estate has been a great event as usual with pujas and bhajans which is ever young in our hearts of hearts..thanks to a set of Dedicated Karma Yogis!

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III. On 19th,my overdue wishlist was fulfilled,thanks to all well wishers..
We celeberated Anusham Function,which is Mahaperiyava’s Nakshatram and it is being celeberated in more than 33 places all over the World with so much fervour,that the procession being taken out on Mada streets of Mylai Kabaleeswarar,has become a great attraction like the Arubathu Moovar Festival !

All His grace..
My presentation this time included a rare video of Music Director,Ilayaraja..incase you wish to see :

The background to this amazing incident will make one feel,that Mahaperiyava is none other than Nadamadum Deivam..
The 44th Jeer of Ahobila Mutt and Mahaperiyava were close friends from young age .It was in 1978 when Jeer during a meeting with Mahaperiyava,expressed a desire to do something for the mutt which will be remembered in History !
Immediately Mahaperiyava asked the Jeer to undertake the ‘mottai gopuram’ of Srirengam Temple and complete the task.

The top tower of Renganathar

The top tower of Renganathar

Jeer was a bit hesitant due to
1)The particular tower had a History of collapsing everytime some one tried to rebuild for nearly 700 yrs 2)Huge funding and sincere efforts by all was required,as Jeer Himself was not welcomed by a set of locals in Srirengam!
When the Jeer expressed His reservations,Mahaperiyava,told Him,”Don’t ever worry..Go ahead.It will be a success I will do my best to financially help the Project!”
These are the words of Jeer Himself..
After initiating the Project in 78,when everything was going smooth,a hiccup happened in 82…Mantralayam,who had promised a huge sum,withdrew from the Project,making the completion quite difficult..In this context Jeer rushes to Mahaperiyava..
Mahaperiyava was in continuous mouna vratha for a few months in Trichy!When Jeer’s representative,Desikar,brought this message,that Funds are required,Mahaperiyava,silently drew some circles on the floor (as He was in mouna)
Disciples after a while interpreted it as Gramophone Records,which Mahaperiyava said “Yes!”
Then immediately they mentioned many great names like,MS,HMV,MSV,TMS but for all great names ,Mahaperiyava said “No”
There was a Mridangam Vidwan in that crowd by name Chandramouli on that day..He was very close to an upcoming Music Director,Ilaya Raja..Chandramouli mentioned “Ilayaraja “which immediately got the Blessings of Mahaperiyava..
He will himself describe in this Video that unique Experience:-

After the completion of this unique Srirengam Gopuram,during the inauguration,the Jeer mentions His gratitude for Mahaperiyava saying,”But for Him this Project cdn’t have been completed.He proved beyond any doubt that there is Dwaithic,Vishishtadvaithic,Advaithic unity under this tower with a BC music director,Ilayaraja is Responsible for its completion!”
Nadamadum Deivam indeed!

IV Talking of Mooshika vahanam,how mischievous this small little creature can be in Madhampatty!
Every time I started my car,there was a huge noise,due to air inlet pipe being damaged,thanks to this cute little fellow..Mischievous Mouse
Selvam,a sincere mechanic will come and rectify every day!
He and others advised me to keep some Tobacco leaves,as the mouse wdn’t come..but my mouse chews Tobacco too,probably!
Atlast I kept a bit of Rat poison,taped on the very place he was coming..The first bit of Poison is missing..The second bit is still intact!
Fun in solving such problems ..though the mischievous mouse may not be in Madhampatty,after all!
Forgive me Mooshika Vahanaa!


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