Vijaya Siva’s Bairavisa!

Vijaya Siva’s Bairavisa!

Ayyappa Samaj’s Vijay Siva’s concert at COIMBATORE on the 5th was embellished with Navavarathinams.

Kaana kan kodi vendum in Kamboji brought the Kabaleeswaran, to a spell bound audience at Ramnagar.

I just can’t believe Sivan wrote these lyrics, bejewelled them with appropriate ragas, adorned them to the Lords in pure Bakthi, totally ‘Uneducated in Carnatic Music in the proper systematic learning process!’ Genius!

Siva’s journey was so so to start with and probably my biased mind on Bairavi Swarajathi always compares with TMKrishna’s, who excels on Amba Kamakshi!

Siva came to Swarajathi after Saurashtram, Hari Kamboji, Dikshitar’s beautiful Hamir Kalyani “parimala renganatham”

it was indeed very soothing and brought torrential rains too.

Kamboji brought forth a second half much more delightful than the first!

RTP in Nada Bairavi, Ananda Bairavi, again Bairavi was innovative.. Siva’s Bairavisa ‘a visaless passage to Paradise!

Thillai sthalam by Gopala krishna bharathi in Sama inspired a young girl behind me to send a Chit! When Siva’s adulation of bharathi in “Enthaiyum thayum”  could be seen in full flow, none noticed it was past 9pm!

Siva’s tribute to Santha Ahimsa Murthy in Sindubairavi made this concert a Day with Bairavisa, embellished with Navarathnams!

Let Sivas always have Vijay!


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