Tolerance of Intolerance!

The Tolerance of Intolerance.


The irony of India today is to get lessons on Tolerance from an Italian Bargirl!

I don’t know whether she wd have heard of Ardershir Godrej, the founder of Godrej Group!

In his autobiography, he writes, taking his brother ‘s son S. P. Godrej, every day to the Fire Temple near Flora Fountain, “Thanks to a Hindu Priest, we are having this Fire Temple. Parsis wd have vanished as a race from the earth, but for the kindness of Hindus, when we landed in Navsari!”

I don’t know whether the Italian Bar Girl  had any knowledge of Jews landing in Kerala and still those Synagogues are not only well protected but also well maintained!

I don’t know whether she has heard of Dr. Annie Besant, despite being a Britisher , did so much to protect our culture, by even bringing up, an unknown priest ‘s son to train him as an outstanding Preacher like Jesus Himself.. JK?

I don’t know whether she is aware of a great BBC Commentator, Mark Tully, who is convinced of our Tolerance limit to such an Extent, he threw away his lucrative job in BBC to remain in India, not for Selfish motive like this Bargirl but to Serve!

History records the Downfall of India is mainly due to its high level of Tolerance, particularly, this Joker Family, whose ways of Bribing Ganzarika Ghooose  and DURKHA BUTTS with Champagne and loot the Natives. They did it to an extent, that even Valuable Antiques disappeared from our Temples, with the help of Kapoors and Qouttroachis!

The extent of our Tolerance limit one can imagine :

The First PM took the country for a ride when 1)Sardar Patel wanted only a handful of police to snatch the POK.. Nehru refused. Patel atleast wanted Nehru ‘Not to refer Kashmir problem to the UN’ but Nehru REFUSED. Patel refused to attend any meetings afterwards and quietly died in Mumbai!

We Patriotic Indians, are still Tolerantly paying for Nehru’ s Monumental Blunder  of Kashmir, even today!

2)When China occupied Tibet in 51, Nehru gave assylum to DALAI LAMA, but at the same time continued his Indochina Bhai Bhai, which was totally opposed by Rajaji and KRIPALANI. Nehru called Rajaji a Madman. Between 51 to 62 Chinese got Military secrets through secret agents and Raped us Left and Right in 62!

When there is a War one can imagine the sufferings of Girls!

Still Indians were Tolerant towards this Family!

3)Nehru Lied about Netaji, when even in 51, Thevar said he had met Netaji in China.Nehru’s imagination of keeping some ash as Netaji ‘s Ash is likely to backfire and prove to what  Extent True Patriotic Indians were fooled, beyond words!


Luckily a Honest Humble Lal Bahadur Sastri became the PM, whose bold onslaught on PAK army in 65 will be ever  remembered as long as India is existing!

Tolerance in India means ‘going out of the way to appease a handful of minority voters, so that they will mortgage their Loyalty by way of votes!’

Congress was successful in dividing the Nation on these lines and ruled for 67 yrs.

When Jayaprakash Narayanan, a dedicated Patriot, who became impotent because he tried to escape from Jail in the  Freedom movement in 42 and was forced to sit on Ice block for 48 hrs, revolted against the Dynasty, Emergency was declared.

Except a Courageous Ramnath Goenka, all other Media Moguls meekly, washed Pettycoats of the PM!

Indians were still Tolerant!


When the entire Sikhs in Delhi were chased with Swords and ruthlessly killed as revenge for Indira Gandhi, Indians were still Tolerant!

The Congress cared little for the Real poor who suffered innumerable agony like in Bhopal Tragedy, but the Joker PM at that time allowed even the captured Anderson to Escape WITH their Crony CM, Arjun Singh!

In any other country a tragedy of this size with nearly 50000 lives Ruined beyond words, at least they wd have got some reasonable compensation.

Indians were still Tolerant!


It was definitely a mistake on the part of the BJP to have Demolished the Babri Masjid which cd have been avoided, had not Advani created an atmosphere of hatred. I personally feel LKA is responsible for this Intolerance,


the  2002 Riots even according to unbiased BBC NEWS is an aftermath of burning a whole train of Karsevaks. Every court has cleared Modi’s name, still, Italian Bargirl, who has no answers for so many crimes and hardships created by her family since Independence, shouts as if she is trying to help the poor Indians.

Beware, Bargirl!

Wearing a Rs 32 Karur Handloom Sari, you think you can fool a True Indian!

The most Tolerant minds are the most agitated Today!

By trying to fool us to bring your Uneducated Budhu Son as a PM, you have lost all respect as a Foreigner.

Rahul Gandhi Cartoon

Rahul Gandhi Cartoon

You try to read Biographies of Congress Founder Home and Dr. Annie Besant!

Tolerance is not a yardstick designed by an Italian Bargirl who seduced an innocent Indian to illegally occupy a position to loot India permanently!

If Indians lose their Tolerance Limit, you may have to Hide Yourself in Italy!

Most Indians pray to God and when their Tolerance limit is tested, they are sure HE will Execute Justice!

You are basically Intolerant as Indians have voted you out!

Your backdoor methods of Bribing Garnab Aaswamis and Gahnsarika Ghooose with weekend Wines from Tuscany, may misfire!

Your Tolerance Yardstick doesn’t take into account what a True Indian CM Mufti Mohamed has to say, as you are Intolerant about his charges against You!

You are Intolerant against Taslima Nasreen, a more Respectable Journalist, than the Pseudos, as she calls a spade a spade!

Your definition of Tolerance is ‘unquestioned Loyalty to a Family, even when they Smuggle out Age old Nataraja Statues, from India!’

Tolerance is a Tested Experience for every Patriotic Indian, since the Time, Ghazni Mohamed looted us!

The writing on the Wall is clear today for You!



There is a limit for anyone’s Tolerance!

That Powerful One is Watching!





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  1. esshridhar says:

    Well written piece- truly and boldly narrated


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