One Man Army – Dr. Subramania Swamy

A One Man Army – Dr. Subramania Swamy!

Indians for their centuries old culture have always supported the wrong people for their Downfall!
Despite Great Warriors from Shivaji to Netaji, the majority of Indians prefer their Sambar Satham than to plunge into support these PATRIOTS!
One such Crusader we see today,leading, a lonely battle against the High and Mighty is D. Subramania Swamy, like Rajaji in the 50s!
Dr.Swamy is a True Devotee of Mahaperiyava and he, who never believed much in either Rituals or the Hindu philosophy in a special way, attributes his change for the accidental meeting of Mahaperiyava!

He also has stood by His advice, being a Crusader against all sorts of Adharmic way as he quotes how Mahaperiyava advised him’ Periyar as an example! ‘

When Indians Only talk about eradication of Corruption, he sincerely takes the high and mighty to the Court like the National Herald and Jayalalitha cases to name a few! Nobody bothered about the Rapist Juvenile in Nirbhaya case than him. All Maneka Gandhis shd have supported him much earlier than circulating a Signature campaign Today!
He obviously undergoes unimaginable personal inconveniences, abuses, physical torture and his life is even under risk, but he is a True Patriotic Warrior like Shivaji!
Added to his missionary zeal is his exemplary brilliance!
Take this National Herald case!
Even if its proved that the Italians are not guilty, they are totally nervous as their citizenship will be exposed during Cross Examination! (Please listen to the video)! 100s of Kapil Sibals can’t help them!

I feel, irrespective of party affiliation, all True Patriotic Indians must support him not only in this case, but wherever Corruption exists!
India is ruined because of Only Corruption for 67yrs!
Today, when Good Samaritans like Swamy, Anna Hazare and Modi are all doing their best to root out this Evil from Grassroots and save Entire India :
We call them RSS
we call them Fanatics!
We ridicule them in TV taking Tuscanny Wines everyweek end from Italian MAFIA!
By doing so we forget One Thing :
If Only all True Indians had supported whole heartedly Shivaji, even Britishers cdn’t have made us Slaves!
We enjoy reading Chanakya’s Artha Sastram but don’t understand how he helped Chandra Gupta Dynasty from Alexanders!
Youngsters of Today must read biographies of CBLals, Lokmanya Tilak, Netaji, Rajaji, Sastri, Sardar Patel and JP also apart from Mahatma to understand what Patriotism means!


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