Musings from Madhampatti-Newyear 16

Musings From Madhampatti-Yet another

The top tower of Renganathar

The top tower of Renganathar

Birth of a New Year is inevitable and we forget that it happens with the Death of an Old Year!’Sukha Dukhe Same kirthva ‘says Lord Krishna..its an inevitable cycle in which celeberations and bereavements do happen as per One’s Karma!
Our attitude to life must change over a period of time..Atleast at 60!
The value of a new year or an old year must be measured not in terms of Materialistic wealth we have added,but invaluable& Immeasurable values we have added to ourself!
On this New year beginning,I recall an unforgettable incident years back on a New Year too!
I was working with a famous Mgt Consultant,Dr.N.H.Athreya in Bombay.He had a few Australian visitors and they were fond of buying Kanchipuram Silk Saris.So we took them to a famous shop .
Being foreigners they were received with Poorna Kumbam and several attendants showed them several Silk Saris.Athreya himself lost patience.After 2 hrs they converted Indian Rupees to Australian Dollars and politely refused to buy anything!
Athreya being a man of great observation of Human Behaviour,was noticing a man with Kadhar Veshti and White Shirt standing all along to buy saris but none attended to him.After the Australians left,the attendants asked this man “what he wants!”
They were totally surprised that in 5 mts,he bought 3 costly Saris,took cash from his ‘folded Veshti’ and quit!Athreya used to quote this often saying ‘we carry wrong perceptions,based on Dress codes and Cars by which people come!’
Our value systems must be strengthened year by year,according to Swami Paramarthananda!Celeberations matter only when our values are a bit more solid than the year that has gone by..
Abraham Lincoln says “It’s not the number of years in your Life but no of Life in your Years!”
I recall an incident when I was the GM of Sakthi Textiles of N.Mahalingam,who treated me just like his own son,because of my honesty and hard work.
In my anxiety to make the co., profitable I used to introduce new high profit margin products-cotton yarns.There was a time Sakthi’s 60s Combed yarn was at a Premium .So I experimented with 100s combed yarn and the quality was good but was restricted to a particular market in Salem.I tried to sell my stocks in vain.
One day a gentleman came in a Benz all the way from Salem,saying he buys lots of 100s Combed yarn.First time I didn’t trust him.He came 3 more times in that week..the same Benz car!I was about to sell the stocks but I wanted to take my Sales officer’s advice ,Murali,a honest Iyengar,simple fellow with a B.Com.,qualification!
He said in one word
“Sir..he is a Fraud.His car may be a rented one.Don’t trust him!”
Though in my anxiety to reduce the stocks,I ridiculed Murali,initially,some intuition told me what Murali says is Right!
I didn’t sell and my fair name with N.Mahalingam ,luckily was saved,thanks to Murali!
Appearances are highly deceptive!
We try to live for others..we don’t live for our ownselves!

A Rare Ltr from a Union to a GM!

Sakthi Intuc Ltr
Every new year I used to get 100s of Greeting Cards,especially when I was the CEO of TTKs Tantex.
But,I used to eagerly wait for one handwritten New Year greetings every year..from my 8th std. Educated old mother from Srirengam..
I was stupid that I didn’t preserve all of them..but luckily this Last one just before her Death in 99!
Whenever I face difficult times,I used to read this wonderful message from her!

Amma's New year Greetings

Amma’s New year Greetings

Our life is worth only when we add values on a daily basis..even if it’s a bit by bit!
This way we can derive more happiness,in whatever little we do!
I try to support this Narasimhalu,who paints with his legs,does embroidery using his legs.Every year I recommend his Greeting cards to my highly placed Classmates..but none even looks at them..may be all are too busy!
But in October last year,when my classmate Santhanam,from St.Joseph’s saw my Blog on Narasimhalu,he was overwhelmed with emotion as it was his Wedding Anniversary and wanted to do something for a deserving fellow!
Narasimhalu gave a ring to me and thanked Santhanam for his kindness!

I hope others who see this link may Atleast recommend Narasimhalu to others!
Let’s be helpful too to such needy that way at the end of 2016,we wd be more Happier too!


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