How Nehru Sold Kashmir?

Why Nehru is No 1 Fraud of India?sardar patel

For future generations of Patriotic Indians and open minded,intelligent Youth of Today,I strongly recommend to read a bit more of authentic History of Independent India,without any bias .Two things wd emerge on The First PM,Nehru:
1)He is Solely responsible for a permanent Head-ache in Kashmir,when Sardar Patel and Rajaji protested strongly against Nehru referring our local issues to the UN..
Patel challenged Nehru:
Just give me 20 Soldiers.I will snatch Kashmir like Hyderabad!
For reasons best known,Nehru refused and called Rajaji,a mad man!
He even snatched the powers of Sardar Patel to himself,appointed a Chamchagiri Idiot

‘Not to defend Kashmir at the U.N.”
2)For Chinese war in 63,he is the sole architect.When China occupied Tibet in 51,Rajaji repeatedly warned this joker PM not to trust China!Mind you the year 51!
Just to ridicule Rajaji,this Joker recommended China to Security Council Membership,when US ,Russia,UK,France ‘offered the membership’ to India First!


Garnab Aaswamis and Durkha Butts will never analyse these great blunders,a Traitor’s design to permanently finish India :
I am giving below the extract of Pages 45/46 of a Biography of ‘Sir CP Remembered’ by his grand daughter,Shakunthala Jagannathan(Vakils,Feffer&Simons Ltd)

“I was a student living in New York,when the question of Kashmir came up in the U.N.Accompanied by several Indian and American friends,I attended the Security council session,oozing with confidence on India’s stand.
First came Sir Zafrullah Khan’s impassioned and Brilliant speech on behalf of Pakistan which was powerful enough to shake up our confidence.When he sat down,we Indians breathed a sigh of relief.
The Indian delegation was then asked to present their case.
The delegate concerned put up his hand,stood up,and Said”I protest!”We had expected that our case ,so much stronger,would shake up the U.N.!Instead our presentation on that day resulted in a debacle,right before our eyes.That evening many of the Indian students got together and were in doldrums!
The handling of the Kashmir problem by India in the first few months resulted in our case floundering,in the U.N.which situation exists to this day.
Unfortunately Nehru,with his personal sentimental attachment to Kashmir,had removed Kashmir from Sardar Patel’s States Ministry to himself,but fortunately Hyderabad continued to be with Sardar.

When the Nizam of Hyderabad referred his case to the U.N.,Sardar Patel asked Sir.A.Ramasami Mudaliar to head the delegation and represent India in the U.N.This was inspite of Sir.A.R.Mudaliar,having fought the Congress all through his life.However the Sardar was a pragmatist and never let political differences come in the way of Country’s interests!
When the case came up before the U.N.,Sir.A.R.Mudaliar’s dealing with it was a purely local problem resulted in the case being dropped within a few hours.His presentation of the case carried a positive approach which was lacking in Kashmir case.
My uncle Sundaram,my husband and I had gone to the Indian Restaurant in New York,when Sir ARMudaliar,who was dining there,saw us and invited us to join him.
I congratulated Sir Mudaliar on the brilliant handling of the Hyderabad case which gave us Indians great pride,I added.
“It was simple” he said.”The same thing wd have happened if CP had handled Kashmir as SardarPatel wanted.But Nehru wanted only his followers to deal with it,and look,how disastrous has been our handling of the Kashmir issue in the U.N.”

In corroboration of this,I read an article by V.PMenon,wherein he had stated that,when the question of Kashmir came up before the Security Council,it was suggested that Thatha (Sir CP)should be asked to present it.He adds,as he was a former Law Member of the Government of India,and one of the country’s ablest advocates,the suggestion received a good deal of support.
Sardar Patel had a very high regard for Dr.C.P.’s character and ability,and if he had his way,Dr.C.P.would have gone.If that had happened ,I am almost certain that our case in the initial stages would not have gone by default as it did,and it is quite possible that the later history of this unhappy affair would have been considerably different.
From the above we can easily see to what extent that Joker PM is solely responsible for a perenial problem in Kashmir!

In any other country they wd have uprooted all his statues but that Family,controlled the Media,bribed all levels of administration,brainwashed a billion illiterate poor masses and still enjoying a huge looted Swiss Account !

Brainwashed Indians will continue to wash petticoats of the Italian Bargirl’s grand daughters too in the years to come,if they can’t read and write such important information on our Independent India!

Sathyameva Jayathe!


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2 Responses to How Nehru Sold Kashmir?

  1. D Ramasundaram says:

    Facts not known is well brought out.


  2. tskraghu says:

    While I am in agreement with the content, the language used causes anguish.,


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