Musings from Madhampatti-My 200th Blog in WordPress


3 Roses of Villa36

3 Roses of Villa36

My 200 th Blog and 1060th including 786 in Sulekha and 74th under God and I in WordPress,

all dedicated to my greatest inspiration in my life,my parents and Kanchi Mahan …

3 Roses in my life!

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Rose No 1.

Dr.Radhakrishnan with Appa at Rameswaram

Dr.Radhakrishnan with Appa at Rameswaram

My father ,M.Rajah Iyer has been the greatest inspiration for my reading and writing.I used to admire his extempore speeches both in Tamil and English eloquence.Despite his very high stature as an M.L.C.,for 12 years,he was so clean that he used to go only in a Jutka .His dedication to give deserving SC/ST students, free education was so amazing that he spent all his life in bringing up that exclusive Free Hostel “Vivekananda Hostel” from 1950 in Ramnad!

He was so bold even in the Legislature that he used to call a spade a spade,that all CMs from Kamaraj,Bakthavatsalam,Annadurai,and Karunanidhi admired him.CM Karunanidhi paid such a great Obituary tribute in the Legislature,when he passed away as a sitting M.L.C.that he sent the printed Black Border Gazette,which is still with me!

Headlines of my father's Demise

Headlines of my father’s Demise



Black Border Gazette

Black Border Gazette

I remember him every moment of my life.My only regret is that I have not given him even a Cup of Coffee from my earnings..that regret I will carry to my grave yard too!

Rajah Iyer Block,Hindu Mission Hospital,Thambaram

Rose No 2.

Kamala Rajah Iyer Block,Hindu Mission Hospital

Kamala Rajah Iyer Block,Hindu Mission Hospital

My mother ,though only an 8th std.,was more intelligent than most others I have come across in my life.My father used to do anything only ‘after’ consulting her as he felt she was great in assessing any person from a distance!Since my father was so close to the Rajah of Ramnad,Shanmuga Rajeswara Sethupathi,a Congress Minister and a well respected Rajah in that entire Region,one day a gentleman by Krishnasamy from Virudhunagar approached my father with an investment proposal to start a Salt Factory as Rajah was virtually owning the entire coastal Ramnad.He was well to do and wanted to invest too.Whatever my father recommends,Rajah,wd sign in dotted lines..After Krishnasamy’s many trips,my father was tempted to start the factory,as he imagined,an Ordinary Head Master had an opportunity to become a Co.,Director too!When my father asked my mother’s opinion,she told him bluntly(I was present too)”For me Krishnasamy looks like a Fraud.Be careful!”

Luck wd have it my father didn’t go further. Itwas Rajah’s son Ramanatha Sethupathy who gave such a great Farewell to my father in 1974,even by carrying the body as one of the Pall bearers,on to a specially decorated Truck,arranged by the Ramnad Municipality!All Ramnad was closed for 3 days and all flags were Halfmast for 3 days mourning..It took me several months to overcome this great loss!

Rose No 3



Kanchi Mahan,has been extremely kind to me in every aspect of my life from the First day I met Him at Kalavai.

Many miracles in my life ,impossible to believe,is all His Grace…

I feel ,if I am able to enjoy small little things in life from a Kuppanur Goat grassing in Karadimadai to laugh at my own self in Yele  Pithukkuli,it is all their grace…

“Athma Sathyam,Thathanya Sarvam Mithyeyi!”

Lets enjoy this moment of Madhampatti ambience,as we don’t know what’s in store the next moment!




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3 Responses to Musings from Madhampatti-My 200th Blog in WordPress

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am proud to be one of your friends


  2. tnswami says:

    Good Suri ! Keep it up !!! – TN


  3. Kothanda says:

    Thanks! Enjoyed reading this one too! My dad (S. Kothandaraman) too was from Ramanathpuram. He did SSLC from Devakottai. But went to Calcutta as a bachelor and worked all his life in The Statesman newspaper -KS


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