Kalyani of Gayatri!


Gayatri Venkatraghavan
Manoj Siva/Charumathi Raghuram
Amirthavarshini Fine Arts, COIMBATORE must be applauded for creating a unique ambience of Carnatic Music in a beautiful Hotel, Annamaya Hotel,Selvapuram, COIMBATORE.IMG_20160214_154341_1455532795843

Added attraction is a sumptuous dinner and who wdnt attend such a concert, especially of Gayatri Venkatraghavan’s.
Rithi Gowla as a starter with வாக்குண்டாம் விருத்தம் and Thiagaraja’s Ragarathina manikace was indeed an evening of garland of Raga Rathnams from Reethi Gowla to Amirthavarshini!
தைகவளர் சரவணபவ of Sivan’s Thodi followed by Mysore Sadasiva Rao ‘s Kamakoti Peeta Sthithe in Saveri engulfed the Music lovers, mainly of the nearby Senior Citizens homes, in an evening of enchanting Meditation !
Govardana Girisam of Dikshitar in Hindolam, followed by a crisp Kalyani (Thiagaraja’ s e tavumunara) brought the combined beauty of Gayatri and Charu to a pinnacle!

Narayanalu namaja in Thilang followed by a nice vritham in
‘மணியே மணியின் ஒளியே அணியும் மணிக்கு அழகே ‘
followed by’ எனை ௺ மறவாதே by Desiya Vinayakambillai lyrics in Amrutavarshini, made famous by Dandapani Desikar, made my Sunday worth living, looking forward to yet another such experience!

I enquired Manoj Siva after the concert about my Manni Janaki who taught Music for Sivas and even          A. R. Rehman in Padma Seshadri, he said

“How can I forget her Sir We owe our Music initiation only to her! ‘in all humility!


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