Story of an Italian Bargirl!

Story of an Italian Bargirl :cosmo bar2

 There was a Bargirl in Italy. 

She was ambitious though born for poor parents! 

 After a rendezvous with eligible Italians, she borrowed money to lure well to do Millionaires in London Suburbs. 

 Initial success with eligible Bachelors encouraged her to go for very highly connected:RICH n the Famous. 

 A brainless softnatured Indian PMs son got into her trap. 

 Romance backed by Blackmail from Italian MAFIA, ended in a Marriage. Still her refusal to come to India, baffled the Softnatured Pilot! 

 Atlast the Italian MAFIA gave green signal to her for taking over an entire country of gullible Brainwashed Idiots! 

She soon realised that by dividing the castes and multiplying the minorities, here was a Golden opportunity to buy entire Switzerland with the numbered accts! 

 Wearing a simple Rs32 Karur cotton Saris, she successfully smuggled out all Precious Antiques from India through her Italian Sister and in that process her earlier boyfriend Quattarochi became a successful Middle man for all Financial Transactions from the host country of 1 billion Brainwashed Idiots! 

One fine morning, the revealation in the Defence purchases made her husband’s close friends, to start questioning his Honesty n Credibility as a PM? 

 Unexpected turn of events and death of her husband forced Quattarochis to Run for his life..There was a honest Patriotic PM from her own party, who probed her boyfriend Quattarochis’ intentions . This Patriotic PM was also a  hindrance in her Looting! So, successfully she created cronies in her own party to finish this Patriotic Indian from Power too, but noose was tightening on her boyfriend, Antique Smuggler Quattarochi! 

 But after all for Italian MAFIA, getting out from any such cases is Peanuts.. 

She, by now had a list of Loyal Traitors from Ministries to minorities, who wd be willing to sell even their own wives for making Money! 

The Italian Bargirl successfully closed Quattarochis case by sending paid Pimps to Brazil. This, she felt was her Greatest achievement, as her husband’s Loot was intact in her Swiss acct! 

During the next elections, she used all her tricks to divide Brainwashed Indians and then she almost took over a country of 2trillion dollars.

 God is there to protect the Faithful! 

He came in the form of a Subramania Swamy and Abdul Kalam, preventing her to become the Supreme Commander of a Great Nation! 

 Her cunningness was so sharp, she, weeping with disappointment, put her most sincere Yes Man as the PM, indirectly controlling the Looting Rights! 

 She continued to loot with connivance of her chosen Cronies in the Cabinet and increased her Swiss Accts, bought property All over the World, through her other boyfriends which was a Chidambara Rahasiyam! 

When the whole World was shocked beyond belief about the huge Scams on a Daily basis, she was laughing all the way to her Swiss Accts, telling to herself “as long as the host Nation is Full of Brainwashed Idiots, her Family will flourish and cd slowly purchase the Entire Country! ‘

 Sensing defeat in 14 elections, she fooled the entire Nation of Brainwashed Idiots, divided them using the age old British Mantra of  Caste Divide n Rule! 

Once you are power corrupt, you will go to any extent to snatch the Power! 

She even went to the extent of sacrificing National Security of this host country in allowing a certified Suicide Bomber in the official Website of LeT, to be sent to Gujarat, to kill a True Patriot, planning to score a major point of victory in the ensuing elections! 

 Her name was Ishrat Jahan!

 Her mission was to kill a Patriotic Indian future PM! The Italian Bargirl used all her powers using her boyfriends in the cabinet to protect this suicide Bomber in order to eliminate one Patriotic Indian, who was a major threat to her Quuensdom! 

 This is where God protects those who has Faith in Him comes into play!

 Remember 2001 Parliament attack also! The Terrorists masterminded by Afzal Guru, almost captured the PM of India but God came in the form of 4 dedicated Soldiers who saw the Terrorists and gunned them down! 

 Same way, Ishrat’s ultimate design was spotted by a set of Honest Patriotic Police officers and Gunned down on Time. LeT called Ishrat a Martyr on the same day in their Website! Even Ishrat’s parents disowned her but the Italian Bargirl cdn’t take it lightly! But for the Italian Bargirl, Ishrat was a Martyr, as she was working for LeT! 

 She created a set of paid cronies in CBI which questioned the Patriotism of even the Highest body of Indian Intelligence Bureau, with all honest, Patriotic officers! Some honest officers were tortured to change their ‘honest views’  to give False Affidavits, saying ‘Ishrat was not a suicide Bomber sent by LeT’ 

The Italian Bargirl successfully fooled the entire Nation of 1 billion Brainwashed Idiots, saying 

‘a simple Girl from a minority community was killed by someone, whom she feared the most, from capturing the Queensdom!She masterminded the Ishrat MARTYRDOM story  to such an extent  ‘Some police officers were tortured if they didn’t toe her line! 

In India, the cunning Italian Bargirl, found out, that anything connected with a particular minority community, Durkha Butts and entire paid Pimps in Media, supported her, even if the concerned minority indulged in 1)Terrorism 2)Rape 3)Cold murders 4)Sabotage! She pampered these Media Pimps with weekend travels abroad with escorts of their choice and these Pimps like Sardeep Rajdesais, were even willing to sell their wives for the Italian Bargirl’s family entertainment! 

 When the official LeT suicide Bomber was identified by honest IB officials and successfully killed in an encounter in Gujarat, the Italian Bargirl, was wild and she  even  tried to fool all Indians by changing affidavit of Ishrat, portraying her as a Martyr. With an Ishrat Terrorist as proclaimed by LeT, portrayed as a Martyr, the Italian Bargirl, tried to fool all Indians as if Ishrat, an innocent minority girl was Purposely killed by a man, who was her greatest challenge in Snatching the coveted Queensdom of India! 

She and her cronies imagined ‘Never the Truth Cd come out as her party with so much looted money in Swiss bank wd always be in Power, either directly or through Cronies!’ 

Again God saw her evil designs and to save a Great Nation, which has been trusting Him for 1000 s of years, made the very Patriotic Indian whom she despised so much, made that Patriotic Indian the PM! 

Now the Cat was out of the Bag! 

Ishrat was  a proven Suicide Bomber sent specially to eliminate the Patriotic Indian! 

Her accumulated Loot in Singapore to Swiss through her boyfriends were out in the open, with changed circumstances and Patriotic Indian as PM! 


Wounded Italian Bargirl is planning to Sabotage a growing host country somehow by 1)Religious Riots 2)caste wars and Quota parades 3)Lynch some minorities by paying from her Swiss acct to create animosity amidst all Indians4)Create Suicide Martyrs 5)Create Students Revolution like the anti-hindi agitation everywhere 6)See that India burns everywhere from Kashmir to Cape Comerin 7)Create Chaos in Parliament so that No Progress for the Country is possible… all well made game plans supported by the Italian MAFIA! 

But God is Watching! 

 Still many Brainwashed Indians are washing the petticoats for this Italian Bargirl, without understanding her evil Design! 

The Story of the Italian Bargirl is not Yet Over! More Patriotic tortured officers will reveal more Truths, that one day you may be also running for your life like Quattarochis! There might be a Day this Italian Bargirl might suddenly disappear to Swiss Alps with all the Loots made! 




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