Chivalrous Cherai Beach


Cherai Beach,Kerala.


Kadalkara Resort @Cherai Beach

The beauty of Kerala is in its unending stream of amazing rivers, convergence of Uppankazhis, all merging into the Arabian Sea!

The Greenery, coconuts, kettuvellams are adding embellishments to an already God’s very Own Country!
I Cd see the cleanliness everywhere, not a single plastic bag anywhere on  the roadside and a few floating plastic bottles in my Kadalkara Resort backwaters, were promptly removed the next morning.. Great!


Kadalkara Resort

Kerala, connected by artificial canals, the backwaters form an economical means of transport, and a large local trade is carried on by inland navigation. Fishing, along with fish curing is an important industry.

Kerala backwaters have been used for centuries by the local people for transportation, fishing and agriculture. It has supported the efforts of the local people to earn a livelihood. In more recent times, agricultural efforts have been strengthened with reclamation of some backwater lands for rice growing, particularly in the Kollam area. Boat making has been a traditional craft, so has been the coir industry. 

One shdnt forget that it is the very place St. Thomas landed some 2000 years ago and there is a plaque to mark this particular point on Cherai Beach! The beach has been welcoming after St. Thomas, the Jews and Muslims, one of the reasons for Kerala being predominantly a Christian Stronghold!


A plaque in Cherai Beach about St.Thomas

A Journey exploring this quiet beach at Cherai is really an experience away from the Kettuvellams of Kumarakom! img_20160309_122106_1457880906337.jpg

Stay at Kadalkara Lake  Resorts, Mobile 9567717999/0484-248199,

Mr. Nazir will be a great Host! 

Please visit Kumarakom too in Vembunad:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I too visited Cherai beach a couple of years ago. Very close to Kochi.We stayed in a resort run by a foreign couple with an NRI partner. We stayed in a cottage on the edge of the backwaters. We could see fishermen catching fish just a few feet away from our cottage. Also we could see Chinese fishing nets not far away. Jacob (j126)

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