Musings from Madampatti – April 16

Ram challenging me!

Ram challenging me!

The beauty of one’s life is one’s relationship with Friends! Swami Paramarthananda often used to quote :

“There are only Two Types of people in this World (1)They give Happiness, WHEREVER they go(2)The other type,WHENEVER they go”

Billiards Pals

Billiards Pals

Luckily, I have not been categorised in theSecond atleast, though not fully included in the First by my good friends, particularly in our alternate Residence, Gandhinagarclub!

Many memories come to me if I go back to my Billiards Room! I was an accidental Champion, when they First started this Facility! The credit should go to Mr. Sahadevan, as an umpire, warned my opponent, a nice Jeweller, Galada, who was constantly talking to my another friend..KP! 

Proud Moments!

Proud Moments!

KP, who boasts of introducing the Bose Music System to Music Academy, is a great guy! Many may not know that but for his grandfather, KVKrishnasamy Aiyer, there won’t be any music in Music Academy today!One can see KP as a boy sitting next to his grandfather in the History of Music Academy Manuel! I was privileged to use the imported British Cue of his grandfather, a friendship that can’t be described in mere words!

Abudhabi Krishnan, my amazing Friend!

Abudhabi Krishnan, my amazing Friend!


This guy, Krishnan, from Abu Dhabi is a bullet! One fine morning he conquered everyone in Snooker and decided, he won’t play anymore! I must have done that too after my first Championship to have got some respect from Maheshs! Many may not know that his daughter may one day become the CEO of Google! Modesty personified! 

Swimming in GNC is cool! One summer when main pool was showing more heads than Water, I jumped into the Deep Pool! A Meditation under the water has become a habit and most enjoyable! This guy Suresh isis trytrying to drive me out of this pool too!

The Amphi Theatre and  Leo’s Coffee shop add a unique ambience, especially when Saturday Night movies are screened! The ultimate Happiness is obviously in the Bar and I feel many people like me wdnt know what to do in the evenings but for this Bar!

I have made great friends here, simple and unassuming like Brahma(see him in the video) whose praise worthy parents MNRajam and ALRaghavan, bring memories of unforgettable movies of Yesteryear!

Cheers to all my well wishers and a very Happy Tamil New year too!



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