Sentimental Indians!

Sentimental Indians!images

Last Monday we witnessed all the renown atheists of Tamil Nadu thronging to file their Nomination papers! Their daughters in laws simultaneously did ‘பாலபிஷேகம்’ to various Gods from Durga Devi to Dattatreyas!
Man is extremely careful when it is his own well being! Caution is not the Word! Extreme selfishness forces him to disown ‘Roadside Principles’ to listen to their well paid Soothsayers!
As he can’t think of defeat in any circumstances!
In a way most of us praying to one God or the other are in a way highly Sentimental! The fear of Failure forces us to do very odd things, like a Krishnamachari Srikant, stepping into bat after looking at the Sun(I don’t know what he will do in cloudy Scotland) to that famous Panchapakesa Aiyer in a Kalki’s Humorous story :
Orthodox Panchapakesa Aiyer’s son is going for his SSLC(Plus2) examn. Aiyer wd have cautioned his son when to get up to when exactly he must sharpen his pencil but Aiyer cdn’t prevent an accidental, Old widow crossing head on when Aiyer’s son was on his way to examn! One must read the fuming Aiyer’s behaviour in Kalki’s own words!

I thought of this article when I was travelling to Chennai Central in an Ola Taxi and we were head on in a traffic jam very near the Central!IMG_20160416_205537_1460870314227
I saw numerous cars from BMWs to Two wheelers lined up with fully decorated chosen Tulips from Holland!
I asked my Ola Chauffeur what’s happening. He said they are all doing Registration of their new (even second hands are New in a First Hand) vehicles and sentimentally this ‘Body Guard Munyappsami!’ makes a killing every day!

The story goes back to 1912 when a set of devotees workers brought this Muniyappsami from Vellore to this spot. The British brutal officer of that place objected as it was next to Central Prison n forcibly removed it!
On the same day the British officer’s car met with an accident n died on the Spot! The jubilant Vellore workers named it Bodyguard Muniyappsami and since British officer’s vehicle met with an accident, every vehicle was brought here for a prayer, there afterwards!
The lucky pujaris, my Ola Chauffeur said, make anything between 70000 to 100000 a Day!
I recall here a great attender Balaganapathi for my father when he was the Headmaster of Rajah’s High School for 42yrs!We were all literally brought up by Balaganapathi. When my father suddenly died, just after his Sashtiapthapoorthi, the whole Ramnad region was mourning.
I had a special liking for Balaganapathi and tried to help his son Danasekaran with a Job, financial support!
One day after a few years Balaganapathi met me. I enquired about his welfare. He said by the Grace of Lord Ganapathi, he is well off!
I asked him how he is supporting his family?
He said his Sambandhi(daughter’s inlaws) had been taking care of a Vinayakar Temple just in front of Trichy Junction and since the crowd was so unmanageable, he was also helping them!
Smilingly he said ‘Undial needs frequent emptying every day!’
Good for him!
There was one Karuppusami as a driver in Serene Shenbagam Madampatti when I came here 3yrs back!
Suddenly one day he was transferred to another place which he didn’t like!
He resigned and one fine morning I saw him doing puja in a Muniyappasami Temple next to our Noyyal River! I used to greet him every day when I go for a walk. But nowadays I can’t see him as he has appointed two assistants for him! Great!
I am you may call a Semi Senitmental!
Due to habits over a period of time, I observe sincerely Raghu kalams! My wife, having been brought up in Tea Estate, prays but is never affected by sentiments!
In 97 when I was about to get into the car for my office, she came running from upstairs and put a cover, asking me to speedpost it on the way!
It was my younger daughter, Sharmi’s Harvard application for UG!
On seeing that I suddenly felt it was Raghu kalam, being Saturday! Since I can’t change my wife’s mind, I prayed to Mahaperiyava and couriered it on the way!
Believe me on April 1st(Harvard admission invariably comes on April Fool’s day!) we got this admission letter with Full Scholarship for UG!

My sweet younger Daughter..Harvard Girl!

My sweet younger Daughter..Harvard Girl!

So, as Swami Vivekananda says,
Believe in Yourself!


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