Musings from Madampatti – May 16

Elephants @Madhukarai

Elephants @Madhukarai

Madhukarai is just on the outskirts of Madampatti and I was surprised to see the movement of Elephants family freely on the Palghat express way! As time goes by and when man occupies more of their territory, we will be sharing our Bedrooms too with them! Nowadays this phenomenon is happening more frequently!

National Geographic Chanel says Elephants can smell water at a distance of 200 km and will plan their journey so meticulously, taking thethe easiest path! If you happen to be on their way, its not their fault!

Sulekha Meet April 16

Sulekha Meet April 16

I was having a nice meet with my old Sulekhites @Chennai, thanks to Jayati, from Germany! While I appreciate Satyaprabhakar, CEO’s enthusiasm for bloggers, he should at least help us get access to our old Blogs! I have nearly 800 of my Blogs and to access them it’s most painful!

Satya, hope you hear me!

3 . Respected Sri Arumuga Gounder of Shenbagam was kind enough to come for last Anusham programme and shared his valuable thoughts on Swami Vivekananda!

Sri Arumuga Gounder Shenbagam

Sri Arumuga Gounder Shenbagam

Sri Arumuga Gounder Shenbagam

Sri Arumuga Gounder Shenbagam

Sri Gounder, I respect much, as he was a great Teacher like my father. Incidentally one of my father’s Students, Venugopal gave a ring from Denver, Yesterday! He said “If I was a successful Professor in USA, its because of your Father’s encouragement !” He narrated the incident! I was moved as it happens to be my Wedding Anniversary Day! Good Teachers are God’s Gift.

Sarasa with Charu Sharmi NJ16

Sarasa with Charu Sharmi NJ16

4.My wife seems to be more Cheerful in the US! Obviously in the presence of our daughters!


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