Magic of the Mandolin @Madhampatti

Magic of the Mandolin by Sadhgun Aithal of Mangalore

Sadhgun Aithal @Shenbagam

Sadhgun Aithal @Shenbagam

Magic of Mandolin of this young doll of 13 started with a difficult Navaraga Varnam – Valachi – by Patnam Subramania Aiyer. Tough for even seasoned veterans of bringing out the Navarasams as imagined by Patnam Subramania Iyer but Aithal did so well to blend Kedaram, Shankarabharanam to
Kalyani,Begada,Kambhoji, Yadukulakamboji, Bilahari,Mohanam and Shree ragam, that the concert was already worth its weight in Gold!

I recall a concert of MDR with TNKrishnan n Palghat Mani taking his own time at his own pace for this exotic varnam!
This brilliant lad clarified my long years of doubt in ‘gananayakam” by Dikshitar’s Rudrapriya -I was thinking purna shadjam n rudrapriya are one n the same! Aithal confirmed it!
A charming chandrajothi and a neat
Nashika bhooshani(Tyagayyar-mara vari) were followed by a rare Telugu piece of Tamil Thyagayyar-Thathwamaruga-in garudadwani

I remember once Maharajapuram in Mylapore Fine Arts enjoying this piece! Santhanam starts in Anupallavi
‘thathwamasi yanu vaakyaarthhamu raama!
neevanu para (thathwa)’
Charukesi is my favourite and Sadhgun brought Swati Thirunal’s Kripaya palaya saure in a measured magical way! Nikshit Puttur’s mridangam guided the youngster to a beautiful duet!

Rajaji’s kurai onrumillai was a nicely rendered Raga Malika! I explained later to the youngsters in what context Rajaji, a Jeevan Muktha, wrote that song! They said OMG!
(Rajaji was camping as CM of Tamil Nadu in 1951 in Thiruchanur, near Thirupathi when he received a Telegram, conveying the sad Demise of his daughter married to Gandhi’s son. Unable to overcome the shock, he wrote these words!) A veenavahini and a Jonpuri – eppovaruvaro, Dwajavanthi bhajans were a memorable finale for a young and talented youngster who will be making all the Headlines everywhere!
God Bless these Talented Youngsters!




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