Ananda Nadamaduvar by Trichur Bros

Trichur Bros

Trichur Bros

Trichur Bros of Poongunnam village@Coimbatore

Trichur Bros, Krishnakumar and Ramkumar are one of the sought after duos in Carnatic Music. Today they gave a concert sponsored by Amrutavarshini in Selvapuram, COIMBATORE.
A Bhairavi varnam followed by Hamsadwani – varana mukava thunai varuvai arulvai by koteeswara Aiyer elevated us to a different plane, after a delayed start due to Audio Annoyance! This ‘varanamuka: is one of my favourites as Koteeswara Aiyer is the Asthana Vidwan of Sethupathi of Ramnad and all his compositions were written in Ramnad (Mudra:Kunjara dasan as a tribute his Grandfather Kavikunjara Bharathi)
Dikshitar’s yethukula Kamboji navagrha kirthi- divakarathanujam-added the Sani Pradosha divine grace for the crowd of ardent senior citizens of COIMBATORE!
One of the Pancharathnam in Sri-endaro-was crisp and clear.
I Cd notice a different Bros since I heard them last year – more synchronised, a bit more melodious!
When poorvi Kalyani was sighted I was sure it will be – Ananda Nadamaduvar Thillai by Neelakanta sivan. They didn’t disappoint but they must avoid adding ‘Brahmananda Nadanam’!

Ambujam Krishn’ s guruvayurappane in rithi GOWLAI was rendered well.
Adi Sankarar’s Siva manasa vritham ‘karacharana kritham va’ in Revathi followed byby Sambosiva sambo-of Swami Dayananda Saraswati with thanam after Pallavi was unique!
A kamas-jaya jaya seesam – Swathi and a (sripathe) nagaswarali were soothing!
By popular request -thaye yesoda (oothukadu) in Thodi was beautifully presented.
Bharathiar’s Chinnansirukiliye followed by
Yogendranam karunyachinto in Behag were really admirable!
We were informed that Trichur Bros have set the Music for Namami Gange which was inaugurated by the PM Modi and you can listen to the same here :

We were also pleasantly surprised to know Mohan, their father had played Mridangam for Chembai for 100 concerts! A very Great achievement – must have been from a very young age!
I asked after the concert Mohan about his great Devotion for Mahaperiyava, he said
“We are existing because of his Kadaksham!”
All His Grace that I am able to enjoy such performances in COIMBATORE!



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