Musings from Madampatti – July 16

July means I start planning where to on 4th as it is Swami Vivekananda’s Remembrance Day! He is somehow connected to USA as 9/11 happens to be the Red Letter Day of His Epoch making Chicago Speech!

I used to visit Vivekananda House in Marina for several years on 12th January and 4th July and sit in Meditation, in the Very Room, where Swamiji had spent a few months! Having moved into Madampatti, I have been going to the nearby Ramakrishna Ashram, Booluvampatti!

I was pleasantly surprised on 4th, when Swami Gopalsami of the Ashram insisted on my having lunch there. I had Tea with him instead and was happy to Subscribe to Dharma Chakaram, my father’s favourite journal!

Many of us would have spent several years in Madras without knowing that there is this Room in Vivekananda House, whereSwamiji  had spent a few months! Atleast now I hope some of us would like to visit because Swami Vivekananda is the greatest of all  Indians, who made Hinduism Known all over the World in the 19th century!

He is solely responsible in creating an awareness in Jamshedji Tata about Social Responsibility for which Tatas are No 1 in India today!

Here are the pictures of the Ramakrishna Ashram, Booluvampatti :

2.My Grandson Biko’s Birthday was on 15th. I fondly recollect the grand 2nd year Birthday in Madhampatti, Tks to a nice set of affectionate Senior Citizens. As usual I visited Udavum Karangal, Marudamalai to support this girl, Priyadarshini Vidyakar.IMG_20160723_110837_1469252381480

How nicely Vidyakar has maintained the Orphanage! How well they are taken care of! If at all I have the powers, I wd give Vidyakar a Nobel Prize for such dedication. I have been helping in a small way for 35 yrs hihim  but Vidyakar is Truly a God’s Gift! Many of the orphans are now getting married – Oh! what a Life you have given to them! God be with you Vidyakar! (Please see my blog Dust Bin Baby:Dust bin baby)

3.My good friend Ashok is hitting 60 Today! I admire him and his brothers as we have something in common – his father also was a dedicated Teacher! His father was the Pioneer in making Herbal Shampoos which Ashok n brothers commercialised and were the Mfrs of Velvette Shampoo!

Ashok @60

Ashok @60

One of his brothers is the brain behind Cavinkare and another is revolutionising Naturals! What I like in Ashok is he is the same old guy we know in the 90s!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He invited us for Naturals get together at COIMBATORE and a few pictures for memory’s sake. God Bless you Ashok!


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