Musings from Madampatti – Definition of Independence

A life is made of many Moments!

If we can enjoy these small little Moments, reminding ourselves, ‘Sukha Dukhe Same Kirthva!’ we will be not only Independent but very Happy too!

I normally relax after an evening walk on my Terrace enjoying with some nuts with my friends, Crows! I have always witnessed that they invariably call all their friends before even tasting the Nuts! Happiness is inborn Nature of every one of us provided we are Independent to explore our innerself!

Today the Senior Citizens of Shenbagam celeberated our 70th Independence Day and a few moments  of exchange of Greetings with Senior Citizen Sengodan Hoisting the National Flag!

I was happy to get the message from Prateek Shukla of Lucknow that he has successfully completed his herculean task of Cycling all around India starting from Lucknow!7000KM!

Prateek Shukla completing 7000 km

Prateek Shukla completing 7000 km

Prateek Shukla, a young dynamic Cyclist was waiting for Dinner at Sringeri Mutt in May this year, next to me ! I was stunned to know he had already completed 3700 KM from Lucknow to Rameswaram, Kanchi to Sringeri!Next day 11th of May, Prateek was to continue his cycling to  Kollur, Marudeeshwar!

Prateek Shukla@Sringeri

Prateek Shukla@Sringeri

I suggested to him to stay back for Sankara Jayanthi on 11th and he was so happy to see Sankara Jayanthi and got bountiful Blessings of Sringeri Acharyas!

I was praying for his safe trip as you can see he didn’t have anything else except the bike n revered Jagannath !Prateek Shukla used to periodically give me his GPS location all the way from Bhimasankar, to Omkareshwar to Gangotri to Lucknow! He must be the Icon for the Youth! A great task Prateek Shukla undertook n successfully completed!

On this Independence day Prateek Shuklas make me happy because somewhere some youth, Patriotic, are Independently exploring our Roots, our Independence which can never be compromised!

Sathyameva Jayathe!













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