Jeeves in Madhampatti – Advaitham!

Jeeves in Madhampatti – Advaitham!

jeeves @Madhampatti

Jeeves @ Madhampatti

Scene :August Ambience..
Breeze from the Vellingiri hills of Western Ghats..

Neelakanta Sastri relaxing on his Terrace @ Madhampatti, overlooking the Velingiri View!

Sunset @Madhampatti

Sunset @Madhampatti

Jeeves disturbs his master with a Beer Glass, broken, falling on the Staircase!

“Jeeeeeeeeeves.. . I am sure you have been eying that Harvard Mug of mine, affectionately Gifted to me, by my daughter, out of her hard earned money from Harvard, for a while! ”

Jeeves :
‘True Sir but that’s Not absolute Truth! ‘
” Are you trying to tell me You have broken it but it is still not Broken Yet? ”
‘ As per your own explanation, Yesterday on Maya,Sir, it is TRUE it is Broken but the Real Truth is what you actually see is Not the absolute Truth! ‘
” So Jeeeeeeeeeves your intentions on this nice August evening is to confuse me with my own Advaithic Philosophy to excuse yourself behind an unforgivable act of intolerable inefficiency & Inexperience! ”
‘ Not at all True Sir. The perception of Truth is beyond all our Conceptual skills as you had Masterfully explained Yesterday, Sir, after your 3rd Kingfisher Beer! ‘
Sastry:” You don’t have to give the Stats of my Beer account every day, aloud,, so that your Mam can overhear and start a new fight with me at this Divine Pradosha Time! ”
‘ My intention is purely accidental to bring you back to what little senses, you may seem to have, Sir! Nothing more! Nothing Less! ‘
” OK OK bring my Kingfisher without breaking any more Beer Mugs from my Collectors’ Catalogue of Prestigious Porcelins! ”

Harvard n Princeton Mugs

Harvard n Princeton Mugs

‘Can’t guarantee the safety of such Beer Mugs Sir as you yourself explained in detail Yesterday that ‘None can prevent the Death of anything as DT OF Death is already inscribed by the Omnipotent Almighty, the moment you are born!’
” But I also explained how we can prevent a premature death by carefully handling a situation either with medical care or with a mental care, as in this case! ”
‘Sir but the phenomena of accidental deaths like the premature falling of Beer Mugs on Stair cases, is not in our hands, as you are well aware! ‘
” I only said Jeeves, its your hands which if properly coordinated with your Mental ability to think, can prevent the premature Demise of such costly Mugs from Mesapatomia! Do you understand? ”
Jeeves didn’t want to provoke his master any further on this Evening, when Master’s desire to have a Beer is likely to provoke him to go to any length, even if its a Thrash on Jeeves Face!
Sastri :Oh! Jeeves Great to have a Beer in Princeton Mug!
‘Master I have a Good News & Bad news for you! Which one you want First? ‘
“Of course Good news First! ”
‘ Sir, Enjoy your Kingfisher as much today. Mam is out for Shopping for the next few hours!’
” Great News! The baaaad news! ”
‘Mam has strictly said No More Beer to be stocked in the Fridge! I don’t know how to convey this news to you, Sir! ‘
” That’s not at all a Baaaad News. Let’s buy a separate Fridge! What do you say Jeeves? ”


” Jeeeeeeeeves… ”

‘ ஏன் பிசாசு மாதிரி
ஏதேதோ கத்தறேள்!
I have to take you to Kilpauk Hospital only! ‘


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2 Responses to Jeeves in Madhampatti – Advaitham!

  1. s.rajah iyer says:

    sir,Tks a lot.Rgds


  2. Venkatesh says:

    The latest Jeeves episode proves what a great communicator u r because ur Jeeves has learnt from you the essence of Advaitham to a degree he is able to teach you back. Keep writing. God bless you


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