Bhuvanesawari – A Short Story!

Bhuvanesawari, a Short Story.
Aged :52
Qualifications :M. Sc.,

As usual Bhuvaneswari was ready at 8 AM for the Share Auto to take her to her work place. The Indian Bank!

‘Hi Bhuvana Good morning! ‘
her friend Grace, Co Traveller every day to her work place :’ How do you feel the enormous work pressure after the demonetisation, last two days? ‘
“Horrible. People talk all sorts of things. Some abuse using vulgar language. Can’t come back home before 10 PM. But need to do my duty in the spirit of work ethics! “
‘ Sorry mam. People don’t understand the personal sacrifice you are doing! ‘
” What to do Kathiresa? My life My problems! “
Kathiresan has been a sort of Guardian for Bhuvaneswari, Grace for several years taking them to their work place!
He knows how a highly qualified Bhuvana Cd have got promotion as an officer and become a GM by now but after an unfortunate separation, she decided to bring up her two little children, alone!……… 

Looking back…….. 
Bhuvaneswari put them in a Govt school and both the kids, a boy and a girl clearly understood their mom’s dedication and sacrifice!

She was looking back which looks like a Dream cum True :

Kannan the elder kid used to manage all by himself without troubling his mom. Systematically used to go to the Local library nearby to equip himself with an extra sense which others of his age and bring up, generally fail to capitalise!
No doubt he came out with flying colours in School examns and the entire Banking Colony celeberated a brilliant boy in the making.
‘Amma I am applying for B. Com in Govt Arts College! ‘
“I don’t know Kanna. Wherever you feel you can excel, of course, where college fees is affordable for us! “
Bhuvana shed tears consciously knowing that her son Cd easily walk into any professional programs!
‘ Amma you should stop crying. I am very confident of making the best of even a B. Com., B. Tec. is not the Only Way ! ‘
On that day her close friends, Santhosh and Sangita analysed Bhuvana’ s predicament during Lunch time. Both felt ‘how Bhuvana can’ t afford anything other than a B. Com., for Kannan! They told her :’ Be Courageous Bhuvana. Let him choose B. Com., May be God is keeping a different path for him! After looking at all the troubles you have taken this far, God will always be kind to you ! Be Cheerful, and Don’t worry Bhuvana! ‘
When God closes the Door, He always makes it a point to keep the Windows atleast Open!

Kanna came out with brilliant marks in B. Com., and his Principal called him and told him :’ For your marks you shouldn’t think of any other Place other than IIM s! ‘
Kanna was stunned!
A simple B. Com., aiming for an M. B. A., where B. Techs and B. E. s and an estimated 80000 compete for a handful of Seats! He smiled but the Principal wanted to talk to his mother too!
Bhuvana, a normally shy person, entered the Principal cabin with Kanna!
‘Madam, you must be really proud of such a Gifted Son. Look at his marks! Besides studies he has read anything and everything from Aristotle to Artha Sastra! He must aim for only MBA, we, in this college very strongly feel!. ‘

A single Mom working as a Bank employee cdn’ t control her tears! What else can she say, excepting :’Sir, very Grateful to you for all your help and kind words but frankly I am not in a position to even imagine such a program, due to financial situation and with his younger sister, now ready to enter the college! I don’t know, what to say, Sir! “

‘Don’t worry about funding the MBA programs. He will get enough Bank Loans and your life will turn for the better!’
” Whatever you say Sir! “

Kannan started looking at what IIM s mean!
A very cool guy he started planning sincerely……. 

Time never waits for any one!
The younger girl Nithya was on the Plus two, too!Nithya got admitted in a nearby Govt college for a B. Sc.,
One fine morning Kannan surprised his mother :
‘ Amma I have passed the Written Examns both from IIMCal and IIMA! ‘
The entire Banking Colony celeberated Kanna’ s achievement, that Night !
As usual Santhosh and Sangita were more happier as if their own son has achieved this unique honour! They also advised their Colleague Bhuvana as what to do!

‘Kanna I understand from my Friends the personal interview will be equally tough. So they suggested you take advice from your mama (uncle) or someone who went to IIMs long back!”
Kannan met his uncle who was more than jubilant to welcome Kanna!
Uncle :’See Kanna in each group there may be 15 to 20 eligible candidates, each one more competent. So your idea must be in the top 1 or 2 of the group as that’s the probability of your getting admitted! ‘
“I understand mama!”
‘ So what you should do is to chalk out a strategy. They will throw a topic for discussion. Let’s say
‘Is Nehru ‘ s contribution for India’s Growth immeasurable or not? ‘
Atleast a handful of smarties will jump start with convincing facts and figures but YOU REFRAIN. Just sit and watch and take a totally opposite view with clarity of presentation! YOU WILL WIN!as the Jury will be evaluating from a corner your Leadership Qualities more than anything else only! ‘
“Thank you Mama! “

After a month Kannan gave a ring to his mama :
” Mama I am selected in both IIMs and I am choosing to go to IIMA! “

It took nearly a week for the Bank employees Colony to come back to Normalcy after a great fun fare and a Surprise Deepavali!
Bhuvaneswari shed tears in front of her Krishna in the ISCON Temple.
Nithya was so proud of an MBA brother!
Kanna brought such happiness in Bhuvana’s life, she felt all her problems are once for all solved!
Looking back….. 
Bhuvana was asking herself
“Is it True my son is now working for Google?
Is it True my daughter is an M. Sc. and nicely settled, married to a nice Doctor in UK? “……….. 

‘Madam what’s happening?
Your Bank has come? Still thinking of Kanna flying off to USA day before ? ‘

Bhuvana said ” True Kathiresa! “wiping out the tears of Happiness! 

Thiruvalluvar Statue

Thiruvalluvar Statue

” மகன் தந்தைக்கு ஆற்றும் உதவி இவன்தந்தை என்நோற்றான் கொல்எனும் சொல்!”
Says Thiruvalluvar :
Of what great Yagyam this father has done to get such a son who is praised all over the World! “



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