Divided Indians!

Divided Indians

From the time the Chauhan King, Prithviraj III was cunningly defeated by Mohd Ghori in 1192, Indians have been successfully divided and Ruled by one Dynasty or the other.
Its much easier to create a wedge amidst Gullible, innocent, God fearing,  illiterate,  society, than in a matured educated Community . Aristotle wrote 2500 years back :

“The Tyrants try to keep the poor, permanently poor and starved, so that they will be only fighting amidst themselves and won’t have the time and thinking power  to probe about the Rulers’ atrocities ! “
John Kenyatta put the same idea  beautifully in a different way, when Kenya got Independence :

” They (Britishers) had Bible in their hands and we the Lands, when they came here. Today we have the Bible in our hands and they, our Lands! “

The Tragedy of Indians and Africans are similar, probably, we,  a bit better off!
Many of us don’t even know the Rust proof Ashoka Pillar in Delhi is an engineering marvel built in 320 AD by Kumara Gupta I of the Gupta Dynasty or the Beautiful Ajanta Paintings, so stunning is 2000 yrs old! An inquisitive mind wd wonder :”So why, an enterprising, brilliant society, with such an advanced scientific knowledge some 1800 yrs back itself, is still having 50% of them starving, below the poverty line! “
A country boasting of excellence in every field from Medicine to Modernity has been vertically divided by opportunistic Tyrants, as Aristotle put it, and it continues!
When I visited Wall Street, there was a Museum which displays rare happenings in the Commercial World One was about India in 1656 successfully doing trade and a set of foreigners ‘ who started trade behind a Wall (That’s why it came to be known as Wall Street!) express their desire to excel the Indians  in every angle! The Pride of place we had!

Successive rulers  since the onslaughts of the Gaznis, kept the locals fighting amidst themselves thereby helping them loot the  entire Bharath!
From 1947 also, politicians continue to get us divided with Pride of Caste and vote and some Dynastic Tyrants  enjoy the Thamasha, at the poor man’s Peril! Benevolence is a word unheard of in our Politicians life! However Saintly a man may appear before the Elections, the Seat of Power Corrupts him Totally! Tragic indeed! 14-56-00-rahul-gandhi-poverty-joke-pappu-poverty-poor-swiss-bank-account-sonia-corruption

When I was in Oman I experienced a unique, nice, feeling, everywhere, under a benevolent King, Sultan Quabos! In December every year he used to visit all towns by driving his SUV himself. I saw with my own eyes in Al Buraimi, him enquiring about welfare  projects planned in earlier year for the place,  about everything including drinkable water on Tap. Any lapse on any Ministry, they need to explain. All in the open! I came to know that Quabos removed his own father from power , who was drinking and dancing all the time, without concern for the common man and came to the Throne, to be a Benevolent Ruler and he Infact is! I feel India surely needs an Autocratic but Benevolent Ruler too.

Democracy is a Joke according to  Nani Palkiwala in a country like India. He wrote in 72:

“Only 52% go to the polls and with 26% votes polled, you become the Ruler and feel you have a right to change even the constitution! Is it a Democracy? “

The tragedy of Divided Indians was well explained in a Lecture by Swami Dhayananda Saraswati :

” The many problems we face are due to lack of Knowledge and Self Respect to our own Culture and our own Selves! If I take Bagavad Gita Lectures none comes but if advertised ‘Francis Gautier of Harvard speaks on Gita, the roads will be overflowing!’
Vedas are a treasure immeasurable even according to Harvard Studies but here we do everything to ridicule it!

In Purusha Suktam the 4 varnas are beautifully described equating to our own various organs of the Body :

The Brahmins are the heads, Kshatriyas the hearts, Vysyas are the Thighs and the Sudras the feet! Without the feet your body is useless. Same way without the  heart and thighs too and one shd understand this Truth! But, politicians have successfully divided us all and  the innocent poor, just to get votes ! Vedas never differentiates between any creation of God, leave alone Humans!

‘ATHMA SATHYAM! THATHANYA SARVAM MITHYEYI!’ says the Vedas That Thou Art – That Athma is You!

Every one of us! How can we hate each other if we have so much consideration even for Plants and Animals as Vegetarians? A Brahmin as described in Vedas is a Brahmin by Guna  not by Caste :

“Sathurvarnyam Maya srushtam:Guna Karma vipachakaha ” says Bagavat Gita “There are 3 types of Brahmin according to Lord KrishnaHimself!
One is born as a Brahmin. Excepting that he may not have any other attributes and he may live 100 years even without knowing what GayatriMantra is!
The Second one is by Profession. Say a Priest’s son becomes a Priest! Mechanically! Ask him’ Why does he do Deeparathana, he may not even know! ‘My father did and so I am!’  
The 3rd type is by Guna, or Character which according Krishna and Vedas is the REAL BRAHMIN!

Every Brahmin is supposed to chant several times in a day at least Gayatri Mantra but that Mantra is given to us by  a Great Rishi, Viswamitra, who is a Kshatriya! Your logic of division amidst our ownselves based on Varnasra Dharma is Torpedoed with this example itself. Not only that! Lord Rama and Krishna are all Kshatriyas and all Brahmins, and we worship them as Gods!
I have many foreigners disciples who are much more praise worthy by their character than some born in that caste Brahmins ! Abdul Kalam is a True example! So we should understand the hardcore philosophy of our culture before we start ridiculing it! The essence of every living is in its Harmonious Livable Ambience and its possible only if we judiciously apply all our Cultural prescriptions including Yoga to create a Happy Atmosphere around us!
Happiness is not an object! It is You and you must all Realise it! Vedas paves the way for a Happy Living! “

After listening to various Swamijis, Abdul Kalams and various Patti Mandrams, Indians will still choose to Remain Divided since they really don’t know what Truth is !
Maya is not the Truth!Whatever you see is Only Maya! 

‘Gyana vihine Sarva Mathena! ‘says Adi Sankara. Gyanam or Wisdom can’t be different from place to place or from person to person or Religion to Religion !
Gyanam is the same for all Human Creations! That is the Real Truth about our deep rooted age old culture!

So beware and be enlightened as to what is Good for You and your Motherland!

Politicians who try to keep us divided will surely succeed to permanently keep the poor, poor for ever! 

Sathyameva Jayathe!



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  1. A.V.Venkatesh says:

    Although well intended and well articulated, I am afraid, it will remain a cry in the wilderness


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