Cowards Die Many Times..


JJ is gone….

I personally feel its Good for her credibility,  getting such a great send off, as anything unexpected from the SC probably wdnt have been appropriate for a Really Courageous Character, who can be equated to Jhansi Ki Rani!

I had a few years of seeing first hand a coterie around her swindling and stage managing everything around her! My blog Farooq below, which I wrote years back in Sulekha may give an idea of whom I am talking about! What was heartening to me was JJ’s self confidence in 94 to send clear signals to a selfish swindler and taking complete control of everything under her thumbs! No doubt a few mistakes because of her blind faith on a friend of hers, tarnished her image, but she firmly built a Cadre of worshippers by her shear determination to reach out to the poor!

Her story is amazing for Historians as :(1) Her caste is the most hated one by majority in Tamil Nadu (2)added to that is a Stigma of a Foreigner in Tamil Nadu! To make everyone worship her and kneel down is an Achievement to be etched in Gold Letters! 

A Warrior - Jayalalitha!

A Warrior – Jayalalitha!

I personally wd like to print my views on her close friend..

She has according to me, sacrificed her total life for preserving a great friendship! In our short sightedness, we forget, she has suffered enormous humiliation everywhere, particularly in her household, by asserting her loyalty to a friend, who always needed someone very very confidential !

In JJ’s death we all must learn one moral :

“Cowards Die Many Times but Valiant only once!  The Valiant is always victorious!

Bye Bye a Courageous Patriotic Lady! 


Farooq, a school mate of mine:

(If you see next to Ethiraj Kalyana Mandapam in Mowbray’s Road, there is a 3 story building called Tamil Arasi Maligai! Original name was ASMA building built by my friend and he wanted me to be in charge of the construction! I quit when a set of Swindlers entered Farooq’s life.. A Story worth reading!) 

1987..11 AM…a Saturday I remember and I was in my office at TTks.
I got a call from a lady in Dubai..”Sir,are you the one who has sent SMB traders a set of Tantex products..?”

In my anxiety to make more exports I sent samples of Tantex products(at that time we were the kings in entire South India..every one knows Tantex!)to all distributors in middle east..
I answered “Yes”
“Does your initial R.I.stand for ‘Rajah Iyer’?”
“Wait a minute Sir,our M.D.Mr.Farooq wd like to talk to you…”
“Suri Naan Farooq peserenga..eppadi irukkiinga..ellarum soukiyamaa?”
It took a while to place him as we havent seen each other since we left school in 1961!
He recollected our School days and I was so happy to talk to him again..” are you SMB yours?”…
“Suri I feel like seeing you immediately and I can send you tkt if you can fly down to Dubai tomorrow?”
“Farooq,today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday…and I dont have Visa..”
“Dont worry Suri..I am arranging the tkts Right now…and Visa is my problem here”
Air India tkt was delivered by evening by a special messenger and I was in Dubai for the First time in my life when my wonderful Farooq came inside and escorted me without any problems..
A Benz was waiting and I cdn’t believe that he is having a full floor for his family in a huge building just opp. Al Khaleeja Hotel..

The entire family was eagerly waiting for my arrival and when he introduced me to his wife she said:”Avar appava ninaikatha naal kidaiyathu”
He told Abdulla his cook:”This is my Guru’s son..I want you to make strict Veg for him..Suri..see that to my elder Brother”
He has given a Honoured place for my father next to his elder brother who brought him in the 8th std with a single Lungi from Ceylon to Rajah’s High School…
He treated me so well and I was happy that he had employed a lot of our people from Ramnad in his stores and I thanked him for what he has done for them..
He insisted that I shd see his shops in Singapore too and without waiting for an answer booked the tkts to Singapore by Brunai Airlines..there too he had atleast 3 Flats in Strand street and I was shown all his shops and he said he has a flat in Hongkong and LOndon too and I didnt know how he has made his money but I found him to be the same ,simple,kind hearted nice Farooq I knew years back…

Then he insisted I shd come and stay with him in Singapore for every New Year and he started sending Tkts for me and my daughter and we had a great time every New Year in Singapore…

1991..Feb 27th…I was with him in Singapore…

A well known CEO of a Textile Mfng co., was leaving for Madras and Farooq handed over him a parcel requesting him just to take it..saying someone wd collect it at the Airport on his arrival…(I knew what it contains as he was always True to me)

Next day ..when we were discussing about his family problems,he recd a Fax,which said:”Recd the 12 Kgs of French Perfumes..but such and such(4 nos)were NOT SENT!..signed…”
Farooq has sent FREE 12 Kgs of small French Perfume bottles and there is a Complaint in FAX that something else is not sent..not even a word of Thanks..

I told Farooq..”You are dealing with Ungrateful fellows..Never go anywhere near any politician..they are all like that..they dont have any morality..”
“No Suri..they are sure to capture power soon..”
“So what..forget these Politicians ..”
He dint listen to me and I distanced myself from him as I hate any type of Politicians in India!

He went on asking for my advice even for a small investment in a Brewery upto Rs 50 Lacs..I told him:”Farooq,you must be mad..You are an Orthodox Muslim.You dont take Drinks.How can you think of investing in a Brewery just because someone wants you to do so..Forget it..”
He didnt listen….
I lost touch with him as he was more involved with some close to the power which I didnt like at all…

One day I was in the Airport waiting for my daughter’s arrival,when an IAS officer,who also hails from our school and who is quite close to Farooq too saw me..came running to me..

“Suri..Do you know Farooq annan has lost almost all his properties..He has lots of Family problems also..”

I came to knoew that he passed away a couple of years ago…
a sad man..basically a good man..He never intended to hurt any one,he never wanted someone else’s money but wished to gamble a bit…by probably buying some politicians..that was his deathknell…

He has many buildings in Madras and one of them was most modern too..all seem to have gone with the wind….

“I thank you Farooq in all earnestness for your kindness,not to me,for Remembering my father..and I cannot forget those days….

If only you had listened to my advice Probably you wd have saved your skin”



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