Humour in Life!

A sense of Humour is quite essential in everyone’s life, especially, in a World where people are running after unwanted Materialistic Pursuits, all under Stress and Tension I have always enjoyed watching Pink Panther to Peter Barnes with my Sweet little daughters (when they were young of course!) and a Tom and Jerry was as essential as a cup of Morning Coffee! Many of us are  trying to complicate a simple life,  which otherwise Cd never be complicated or confused!

To me JRD TATA Was a man of unimaginable Wit! I used to attend many AGMs in those days, as I used to get Free Lunch and a handful of gifts in Bhulabai Desai Auditorium! On one fine morning when Tata Chemicals AGM was on, a Serious shareholder complained :

‘Sir, I am sorry to say that Your ‘Hamam’ Soap has deteriorated in Quality! I am sorry to report that!

”Ever quick witted JRD Promptly replied :”Sorry to hear that but you can always change the Soap! “

The Shareholder not relenting insisted :’ Sir I don’t use it but my wife always uses Hamam Sir! ‘

JRD reacted immediately :” Ask your wife to change the Soap! “Not convinced with the response, the shareholder, said :’ Sir my wife is so Loyal to Tatas, she wdnt ever change the Soap Sir! ‘

Immediately, JRD, bent down to the Mike and in a mild manner told him :

” Man I tell you what! Better Change your Wife! “It took hrs for the audience to stop laughing. JRD is as cool as a Cucumber!

Swami Paramarthananda used to repeat often :” That there are Only Two Types of People in the world! One is they Give Happiness Wherever They Go! The other is They give Happiness, Whenever They Go! “

We Cd see in our daily life that ‘Is he coming for the Party? OK Then I will be there!”

With Easwar @ Amherst

With Easwar @ Amherst

I have such great Pals like Easwar, who is the Dean of Amherst in USA, very humorous !My’ Satire Lord Rama @IIMC ‘used to be hilarious and Easwar helped me with Hindi Tunes, Lyrics and supporting on stage too!

Lord Rama @IIMC

Lord Rama @IIMC

I  can’t forget the thunderous cheers at XLRI, when a Father wanted me to reenact it for their Annual Function too! Easwars’  always have a smile  it is so pleasant being in their company!They give Happiness Wherever They Go! 

 Another jolly good guy, even though he was my boss, is TT Jagannathan, Group MD of TTKs. He was the first guy in my life who took all CEOs with Family to Fort Aguada Beach Resort, Goa, way back in 87 and of course he made it a productive meeting too, with his usual sense of humour! (Please see me signing an MOU for TTKS & Triumph of Germany!) I almost succeeded in bringing Triumph to India but humourless, other partners of TTJ messed up a Golden opportunity! At that time, Gunther Spieschoffer, the President of Triumph was more keen on a tie up with TTKs as he used to say :”We have our foot in every country but we want India too!”



TTJ’s father TT Narasimhan, eldest son of TTK used to be very jovial too, and in 1988, London Rubber Co, makers of Condoms, wanted to set up a 100%Export Oriented unit with a completely Air Conditioned Factory! Since it was a very prestigious project, many places came under their Radar and they decided to go to Pondicherry based on various factors! As CEO of Tantex and Industrial Products Division, I had a dieing Factory in Virudhunsgar, making paper tubes for Textile Mills. The factory was next to Virudhunagar Railway Station with 11 Acres of Land, called ITPT! I invited TT Narasimhan for a get together with staff of  ITPT at Virudhunagar and explained to him, ‘how this co, being the first Factory taken over by TTKs has helped the Group Financially and now this factory is finding it difficult for survival, why TT Narasimhan, being the President of the Group shdnt go anywhere else except to bring LRC to  ITPT premises by buying 7 acres from us and helping the loyal staff too!’

Next day, to the surprise of all staff, TTN announced that” as a mark of ITPT’s contribution to the Group, I am bringing the 100%EO London Rubber Co to Virudhunagar! “

There was such a thunderous cheers and no doubt TTJ came for Bhoomi Puja (I have the photos in the Attic!) Today its a Prestigious factory in entire India located in Virudhunagar! We can deliver better if we have a sense of humour!

The problem with us is we don’t earmark a few minutes of our time to watch Peter Barnes,  at least once a Day :


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