Memories of Holi!

Charu Receiving President’s Award in 1986

We cannot forget the Colourful Holi of 1986! We were in Delhi to receive Sankar’s Weekly, Silver Medal, for poetry, my elder daughter, Charu had won in an international Poetry competition! We were staying in Lodhi Hotel and were proceeding for the function in an Auto, my daughter obviously well decked up! Suddenly some roadside enthusiasts poured the Holi Powders on all of us, despite our desperate pleas that we were heading for the President’s function! ‘No way’  they said!

Luckily the Auto fellow was so nice, that he drove us back to the hotel and to get’ renovated again’ and dropped us back  to the venue! We felt, on that day, we should celebrate such festivities in all Happiness but shdnt become an un Holi affair , as we had experienced in Delhi!

Charu’s Poem “Thoughtless Self” which won the Silver Medal as a 10 year old:

Thoughtless Self, a Poem by a 10 yr old Charu Suri!

As a freelance Travel Journalist in NYT to WSJ, Charu constantly adds colours to herself!

Charu, my elder daughter


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