Charu’s Concert @Mohank Mountain Retreat

Charu, my elder daughter

My daughter Charu always delights me whenever she is on the Piano! There was a time in Adyar,  you can hear Mozart and Beethovan at 2AM and in our street Venkatratna Nagar there used to be a protest March that Neighbourhood Sleep is Musically disturbed! Luckily we had a nice Neighbour, Gen. Manavalan who also was the Secretary of our V Nagar association, who used to tell them :”Get Lost! “

Here are the pieces she played at Mindful Meditation Centre at Mohank Mountain on the 28th! For me, a Madurai Mani Madcap, I liked Debussy’s BARBECUE! 

Kindly leave your (+ve) comments! 

Charu @Mohank Mountain


Robert Schumann


Debussy, Girl with Flaxen Hair

Chopin, Berceuse

Debussy, Clair de Lune



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5 Responses to Charu’s Concert @Mohank Mountain Retreat

  1. Nice writing on music and meditation. Great..


  2. A.V.Venkatesh says:

    You replied to this comment.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Listened to Debussi’s Claire de lune. Simply divine. Tks for giving the link. Will hv to listen to the others more leisurely. Pl convey our blessings to ur daughter.


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