When Tajudin wanted to see my father at 12AM!

Tajudin, a Great Soul!

Tajudin is a great friend of mine, classmate in Alagappa Engg College but No More! He is one of the very few God’s creations, with an Ever Smiling Face and Fascinating Eyes! We used to travel together, back to our Native places for holidays,  as he was from Thondi, on my way to Ramnad, changing buses at Devakottai! He used to tease me :’ Why don’t you come to Thondi with me , and enjoy some  fresh Fish from the Seas? “He was also the elected President of the Students Union in our Final Year and I was elected Representative for the Mechanical engineering! He always used to consult me, very affectionately, on any issues concerning our Batchmates!

It so happened there was a very unpleasant incident involving some Final Year classmates of mine with some Juniors which exploded into a War of Unimaginable magnitude between us and the Principal! One fine evening, we were shocked to receive ‘Suspension Notice’ served on our classmates, most of them very brilliant Rank Holders! Since our Final year examns were only a few months away , this Suspension order was indeed a Nightmare !

When the Order was displayed in our Notice Board, it was already 6 PM, and many of us didn’t know what to do? The order stipulated  ‘these students to vacate the Hostel Premises within 24 Hrs!’

Tajudin and Muthuvadivu, who was always a King Maker for our class,  came to me and said :’ We think we should seek your Father’s help to persuade the Principal to withdraw the Suspension orders,  as we don’t know any other way to solve this problem! ‘

I said OK but felt we should go to Ramnad only next day morning. Tajudin said :”Suri we should go Right now as we can’t lose any more time on such a precarious problem!’

I was reluctant to go in the night because (1)my father used to go  to bed early (2)He was wearing Dentures and hence cdn’t communicate properly at that time! Tajudin said :”Suri For my sake You are taking us to Ramnad NOW! “

I had to oblige because most of my very close friends like SKS were also in the suspended List . Tajudin, Muthuvadivu, MSR & myself went by a Taxi by midnight to Ramnad!

My father was shocked to see me at that time but when I explained, he didn’t even put his Dentures but came out and listened to Tajudin, covering his mouth with a Towel! Tajudin and Muthuvadivu wanted my father to come and solve the problem!

Since my father had a meeting in Paramakudi the next day he said ‘he wd come to meet the Principal in the afternoon from there! ‘

Tajudin and Muthuvadivu were very happy, but I was worried as the Tone of the Suspension Order was clearly ‘non negotiable’ !

Next day my father came as promised and met the Principal and the College Committee! Since he was a Respected MLC they gave him a hearing. We were all waiting eagerly in our Hostel when my father drove down, met Tajudin and all of us and explained that ‘after hard bargaining the Principal had agreed to withdraw the Suspension Orders!’ Tajudin was very jubilant! My father then left for Madras by train!

Sooner than he left, and when me, Tajudin, others were celebrating, I was summoned by the Principal! Tajudin and Muthuvadivu were worried as to why ‘I was summoned?’

I went there and Tajudin, Muthuvadivu, and many anxious friends waited outside the Principal’s Room.

The Principal, W. P. Vijaya Raghavan, surrounded by the College Committee,  told me :”See We don’t want any outsiders’ interference in our College Affairs! The Suspension Orders cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances! Better convey this to all your Classmates!”

I cdn’t stand this insult to my father and had the courage to ask the Principal :”Sir, You Cd have very well conveyed the same to my father. Why are you telling this to me,  after accepting to withdraw the Suspension Orders to my father!”

“That’s none of Your Business! You better convey what Principal has told you just now to all your Classmates. You may go now! “said Prof Baliga , in a very Rude Manner !

I cdn’t control my tears and came out weeping when Tajudin, hugged me and asked me ‘what happened?’ When I narrated what happened, Tajudin and Muthuvadivu said ‘How can the Principal go back on his Promise to your Father?’

When a handful of emotionally charged Classmates tried to raise slogans against the Principal, Tajudin,persuaded them ‘not to precipitate the matter any further’ and he urged me to talk to my father again next day morning, as he felt it was an insult to ‘every one of us!’

Next day.. Morning :

I talked to my father at the Legislators Hostel and he was very much surprised, repeating “the Principal categorically assured me that the Suspension Orders will be revoked? Don’t know why he is going back on his promise. Anyway call me after an hour so that I will talk to Muthian, Director of Technical Education on what happened?” 

When we gave a ring again, my father said “Muthian was furious with the Principal for going back on his words and promised to carry out whatever he had promised to be implemented!”

Within an hour the Principal had revoked the Suspension orders as Muthian had talked to him and advised him ‘how well respected Rajah Iyer was by one and all and any insult to him wdn’t be acceptable to him!’

Tajudin and Muthuvadivu and all our Classmates were highly relieved on that day, though, I didn’t know what was coming for me, which, if interested, please see in my Blog :Miracles in Mechanical Lab!

Tajudin, we all Miss You very Much! Keep Smiling on us!





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2 Responses to When Tajudin wanted to see my father at 12AM!

  1. Muthuvadivu says:

    Super Suri. The unforgettable episode of our College Days. Our friend Tajuddin was a so good friend to all of us. We used with his family when I was living with my family at Chennai Indiranagar. We are all really missing him.


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