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A 4 Legged Gentleman – Butterscotch!

Butterscotch is a sweet dearest to my daughter, Charu Suri in Weehawken for 15 years! Today she is about to depart and words cannot describe her companionship as a Loyal member of the family! I used to take her for … Continue reading

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ஏலே பித்துக்குளி – பொங்கல் உளறல்!

ஏலே,பித்துக்குளி! ‘என்னடா ரொம்பநாளா கவிதையையே காணோம் ?’ ‘சிந்தனையை வள.. வள வளன்னு பேசுவது குறையும்! பேசுவது குறைந்திடில் , உழைப்பில் உற்சாகம் ஏறிடும் ! உழைப்பு உயர்ந்திடில் , செல்வம் குவிந்திடும் .. செல்வம் குவிந்திடில் , மகிழ்வும் மலர்ந்திடும் ! மகிழ்வு மலர்ந்திடில் .. செலவுகள் உயர்ந்திடும் ! செலவுகள் உயர்ந்திடில் , … Continue reading

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Jeeves in Madhampatti – Advaitham!

Jeeves in Madhampatti – Advaitham! Scene :August Ambience.. Breeze from the Vellingiri hills of Western Ghats.. Neelakanta Sastri relaxing on his Terrace @ Madhampatti, overlooking the Velingiri View! Jeeves disturbs his master with a Beer Glass, broken, falling on the … Continue reading

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Musings from Madampatti – Definition of Independence

A life is made of many Moments! If we can enjoy these small little Moments, reminding ourselves, ‘Sukha Dukhe Same Kirthva!’ we will be not only Independent but very Happy too! I normally relax after an evening walk on my … Continue reading

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Musings from Madampatti – July 16

July means I start planning where to on 4th as it is Swami Vivekananda’s Remembrance Day! He is somehow connected to USA as 9/11 happens to be the Red Letter Day of His Epoch making Chicago Speech! I used to … Continue reading

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Kukke Subrahmanya, Karnataka

    Kukke Subrahmanya, one among the seven holy places created by Parashurama is mythologically and historically famous for “Nagaradhane”. Residing with Vasuki, God Subrahmanya showers his divine grace on devotees as the presiding deity of the Kshetra. It is … Continue reading

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Karkala Bahubali, Karnataka

Karkala, Karnataka Karkala near Dharmasthala is mainly a Jain Historical centre with a Bahubali with 42 feet height attracting tourists from all over India and abroad! Jainism was introduced in Karnataka by Lord Mahaveera in the 6th Century B.C during … Continue reading

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