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Good Old Good Friday Memories…!

Ijebuode,Nigeria..1984 I was one of the Members of the very active Indian Association,Ijebuode 83-84 to celeberate our Association Day during Easter Holidays 1984! We planned the event well in advance and I was taking Responsibility to print this Sovenir with sponsorships … Continue reading

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 THE ‘I’ FACTOR! GURU POORNIMA SPECIAL! Someone asked Sankara : “I want Happiness!” Sankara replied : “Its very Easy :(1) First Remove the ‘I’.. it is Ego! (2)Then Remove the ‘want’.. it is Desire (3)Then what you see is ALL … Continue reading

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When Tajudin wanted to see my father at 12AM!

Tajudin is a great friend of mine, classmate in Alagappa Engg College but No More! He is one of the very few God’s creations, with an Ever Smiling Face and Fascinating Eyes! We used to travel together, back to our … Continue reading

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A 4 Legged Gentleman – Butterscotch!

Butterscotch is a sweet dearest to my daughter, Charu Suri in Weehawken for 15 years! Today she is about to depart and words cannot describe her companionship as a Loyal member of the family! I used to take her for … Continue reading

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Value of Friendship!

“முகம்நக நட்பது நட்பன்று :நெஞ்சத்துஅகம்நக நட்பது நட்பு! “says Thiruvalluvar, meaning,” Friendship is not the companionship that smileth to the face! It is rather the love that delighteth the Heart! “(VVSAIYER) After a 50 years gap, we, classmates of Alagappa Engg College, … Continue reading

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Cowards Die Many Times..

  JJ is gone…. I personally feel its Good for her credibility,  getting such a great send off, as anything unexpected from the SC probably wdnt have been appropriate for a Really Courageous Character, who can be equated to Jhansi … Continue reading

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Remembering a Good Friend..Bhaskar

Today is an Important Day for Hindus in  the year.We pray to our departed Forefathers sincerely and seek their blessings.I remembered my good friend on this day..Bhaskar & seek his blessings too! Bye Bye Bhaskar

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